10 Best Exercise Mats Brands

While exercising is great, it is important to also have a degree of comfort while exercising and this can be achieved with the right exercise mats. There are a number of exercises that involves lying on the floor and not having the right kind of cushioning can seriously jeopardize the muscles and bones. While many gyms give out exercise mats, it is a good idea to have a mat of one’s own to have the best level of comfort. Here are some of the best brands to help you choose a wonderful mat, along with their price.

Here are the best brands for exercise mats

1. Best True Mat exercise mats

True Mat exercise mats are made from soft latex and they provide adequate comfort and support to the body at the same time, which is a must for exercising. Be it for stretching or for yoga, this mat is versatile and can make the process of exercising much easier and a lot more fun. One can have them around a price point of Rs 1299 to Rs 1499.

2. Best Stag exercise mats

The folded design mat from Stag is a multi- purpose mat that is suitable for everything from yoga to gymnastics. It is also suitable for those who have to tumble around a lot during martial arts. The special padding of the mat lends adequate support and goes a long way in preventing a lot of injuries. The mats are available for a price range of between Rs 2900 to Rs 3599.

3. Best Amazon Basics exercise mats

A very handy tool for all those who exercise regularly, this is a highly rated mat from Amazon and it comes with special straps for hanging and carrying. The mat made from rubber and latex and comes in varying thickness. The product is priced between Rs 750 and Rs 3700, depending on the length and thickness one wants to opt for.

4. Best FitKit exercise mats

FitKit mats are light and comfortable and make them easy to carry around. The yoga mat is suitable for yoga and all other kinds of exercises and one can also lounge around in them, they are that comfortable. They are flexible and sturdy and provide the support needed for the backbone during exercise and are affordably priced around Rs 500.

5. Best Strauss exercise mats

Strauss is a well known brand that makes good exercise products and the mat comes with spring texture that prevents it from sagging during exercise. The mat is firm and soft at the same time and can also be used in a reversible manner. The mat is also very light and comes in a washable variety as well. The mat is available around a price of Rs 500 to Rs 750.

6. Best Iris exercise mats

Iris mats are 3mm PVC mats that are light and just ideal for those who exercise regularly. They have a natural disinfectant and the mats are known for their strength and durability. The mats are also suitable for use by children and can be put to wide variety of uses from yoga to Pilates. They are priced around Rs 800.

7. Best Kobo exercise mats

The Atheletica mats are suitable for use by both men and women and the entire look of the mat exudes strength. The mat comes with a special fiber construction that has a knit design for extra balance ad strength. It is also a standard mat provided by most leading gyms in the country. One can avail the mats for a price point of about Rs 850 to Rs 1200.

8. Best Narains Packaging exercise mats

Narains mats come with a special anti- skid formula that makes them resistant to skidding or slipping. This also makes them one of the safest mats out there and hence it is great for children who have just started exercising. The mats are available for a price of about Rs 550 and they are also washable.

9. Best Powermax exercise mats

Powermax mats are made with a mix of latex and rubber and they come with an interlocking weave pattern that makes them a safe option with added cushioning for the elderly. The mats can endure high levels of workout and are known to be extremely durable. One can have them around a price range of Rs 800 to Rs 1700 depending on the thickness.

10. Best Vellora Yogamat exercise mats

Vellora mats are available with cover for gym and flooring exercises and the mesh fiber and rubber makes them a great option for both men and women. Those who have back problems or leg problems will benefit from the design and the anti- skid nature of the mat also makes it very safe. They can be availed for price of Rs 699.

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