A food blogger’s life looks too easy on the outside and you may think that all they do is eat and write about food. Behind the scenes however, a lot of hard work goes in and these bloggers have to prove that they are worth their salt (no pun intended). In an attempt to recognize all the work these bloggers do, CashKaro has made a list of the Top 10 Food Bloggers of 2017.

These bloggers are listed, in no particular order and were chosen on the basis of unique content and their potential to shine in 2018. So let’s jump right into it!

Blog Name: Yummy Tummy

Run By: Aarthi Satheesh


Facebook Fans: 10 Lakh| Twitter Followers: 1.9 K

Yummy Tummy offers information about a variety of Indian dishes categorized according to one chief ingredient such as chicken, mutton, rice or fish.

Why We Love The Blog?

  • Easy to look for recipes as they are organized according to their chief ingredient
  • Baby food section illustrates steps to make different, nutritional dishes for babies and kids
  • Pictorial representation of each step of preparation makes it easy to replicate recipes

“Yummy Tummy is unique because I never forget to take pictures of each step so, readers know how their dish should look at each stage,” says blog owner Aarthi. When asked about her motivation, she said, “My motivation is my passion for cooking and that is why I started the blog in the first place.” “Do not start a food blog for money, start it only if you have a passion to cook,” she added.

Blog Name: Chitra’s Food Book

Run By: Chitra Ganapathy

chitra profile picture

Facebook Fans: 157 K| Twitter Followers: 1.1 K

Chitra’s Food Book contains everything from breakfast to side dish recipes. Her dishes include both Indian and international cuisines.

Why We Love The Blog?

  • Tips and tricks to make cooking easier and quicker available in the tips section
  • Pictorial representation of each step for easy cooking
  • Kids Recipes section provides easy and fun recipes for children
  • Cooking Basics section offers information for beginners
  • Part Ideas section provides entire menu for lunch or dinner parties

When asked why she chose food Chitra said, “I chose this category mainly to learn varieties of cooking. My family and my encouraging readers are my motivation to continue my journey.” “Consistency & quality content is the most important criteria for successful blogging,” she said.

Blog Name: The Tastes Of India

Run By: Puja Darshan


Facebook Fans: 4.1 K | Twitter Followers: 4.2 K

The blog offers a variety of recipes, restaurant reviews, cookbooks and tips.

Why We Love The Blog?

  • Reviews of multiple restaurants and cooking gadgets and tools
  • A number of resources for bloggers about how to start and monetize a food blog
  • Dieting Tips for weight watchers
  • Free ebooks including cookbook and weight loss guide
  • A host of recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert dishes

“I believe cooking is experimenting and through my recipes I show how cooking is so easy that anybody can do it,” says blog owner Puja.  She suggests, “If you are starting a food blog, find your niche as the category is too vast and you can get lost.”

Blog Name: Archana’s Kitchen

Run By: Archana Doshi


Facebook Fans: 15 Lakh | Twitter Followers: 11 K

Archana’s Kitchen gives readers an access to hundreds of Indian and international recipes. It includes appetizers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and drinks.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Wide range of recipes including baby food and basic spice mixes
  • Complete meal plan ideas for tiffin boxes and everyday meals
  • Gadgets & appliances section that offers information about latest and helpful cooking tools
  • Diet & Fitness section for weight loss recipes

Blog Name: Padhu’s Kitchen

Run By: Padhu


Facebook Fans: 32.8 K | Twitter Followers: 1.3 K

Padhu’s Kitchen is provides a myriad of South Indian and North Indian vegetarian recipes.

Why We Love The Blog?

  • Festival recipe section for special occasions
  • Cooking basics and tips for new cooks
  • Natural beauty tips using simple kitchen ingredients

Blog Name: Vegan Richa

Run By: Richa Hingle


Facebook Fans: 834 K| Twitter Followers: 8.2 K

The blog offers pure vegan recipes along with information about veganism and healthy eating.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.
  • Informative resources for bloggers such as How To Start A Food Blog, Vegan Subs & Resources and more
  • Ebooks for vegan cooking
  • Online store that allow shopping for cooking gadgets, ingredients and cookbooks

Blog Name: Manjula’s Kitchen

Run By: Manjula Jain


Facebook Fans: 17 Lakh| Twitter Followers: 2.6k

Manjula’s Kitchen is a blog that covers recipes for snacks, appetizers, desserts, curries and gravy’s. It also includes vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Why We Love The Blog?

  • Recipes for special occasions including parties and festivals
  • Dedicated meal plans for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol patients
  • Kid friendly recipes that are quick and fun to make

Blog Name: Sharmi’s Passions

Run By: Sharmilee Jayaprakash


 Facebook Fans: 321 K| Twitter Followers: 2.3 K

The recipes on Sharmi’s Passions consist of South Indian food, world desserts, soups, salads, snacks and non-vegetarian food.

Why We Love The Blog?

  • Easy to learn cooking basics for beginners
  • Baby food recipes according to age and ingredients
  • Informative reviews about cooking gadgets, restaurants and hotels
  • Festival specific recipes such as Pongal, Christmas, Onam, Diwali and more

Blog Name: Rak’s Kitchen

Run By: Rajeshwari Vijayanand

rajeswari vijayanand-001

Facebook Fans: 19.6 Lakh | Twitter Followers: 42.8 K

Rak’s Kitchen features vegetarian dishes, lunch box ideas, bachelor cooking ideas, recipe videos and cooking tips.

Why We Love The Blog?

  • Quick and easy meal ideas for bachelors
  • Easy to follow tips and tricks for simplified cooking
  • Video recipes that are easy to understand and follow

Blog Name: Jeyashri’s Kitchen

Run By: Jeyashri Suresh


Facebook Fans: 38.8 K| Twitter Followers: 237

The vegetarian food blog is about new takes on classic vegetarian recipes. It also features lunch box ideas, diet plans and festival special food.

Why We Love The Blog?

  • No onion No garlic section for pure vegetarians
  • Kid friendly recipe section for fussy eaters
  • Exam time recipes for alertness and energy
  • Diet plans for weight watchers

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