10 Best Matte Nail Polish Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

One of the signs of being well groomed is to have perfect nails and nothing can give a better picture than nails that are done properly in perfect shape, and adorned with the perfect Nail Polish. Matte nail colors are all the rage today, because they are subtle and fashionable at the same time. The matte colors in pretty pastel shades really bring out the best of the personality. There are many brands in the market today selling matte nail polish and here is a list of the best brands with their expected price range.

Here are the best brands for Matte nail polish

1. Best Maybelline Color Show matte nail polish

Maybelline True Color has lovely shades in the matte department and they are one of the first brands to have promoted this idea. The nail polishes have thick colors and with just a couple of coats, the nails tend to look fabulous. The nail polishes can be availed for a price of Rs 120 to 150.

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2. Best MI Fashion matte nail polish

MI Fashion matte nail colors are bold and they lend themselves perfectly for creating beautiful nail art as well, or can also be used as they are. The colors are especially formulated for the young, those who want to experiment are sure to love them. The colors are also affordably priced around Rs 145 to Rs 250.

3. Best Lakme True Wear matte nail polish

Lakme has always been a trusted name in cosmetics and their nail colors are one of the fastest selling ones. The colors are especially formulated to prevent any kind of chipping, which is an absolute must for the modern working woman who has to juggle home as well. The lipsticks can be had around a price of Rs 180 to Rs 220.

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4. Best Revlon matte nail polish

Revlon matte nail colors are one a kind they are richly pigmented. The colors have a super stay on formula and they can remain looking fresh for days. These Revlon Matte Lipsticks are very modern and they also tend to dry very fast, which is great for those who want to get ready in a jiffy. They are also affordably priced around Rs 220 to 450.

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5. Best Colorbar matte nail polish

Colorbar has one of the best matte nail color range. The colors are interesting and extremely fun, and there is something to suit every sensibility. The nail colors are very light as well and that makes for smooth application. Colorbar colors can be availed at a price point of Rs 180 to Rs 220.

6. Best Nykaa matte nail polish

Nykaa has quite a range of matte nail colors and the pastel shades are especially quite popular. The colors are deep and rich and they are the perfect topping in a manicure. There are colors perfect for the Indian skin tone which is what makes them so popular. They are also quite affordably priced around Rs 150 to Rs 200.

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7. Best MAC matte nail polish

MAC is the ultimate name in makeup and cosmetics and their range of matte nail colors are stealing the show. The colors are very bold and deep, and yet there are nude and classy shades, perfect for the quintessential MAC woman. The nail colors are available at a price point of about Rs 500 to Rs 650.

8. Best Ebony matte nail polish

Ebony is a relatively new brand and is performing quite well in the mid range segment. The colors are fun and the matte formula is also quite long lasting. The range is quite interesting, with a vast range of colors at various sides of the spectrum. The colors do not lose their depth even after days. They are also affordably priced around Rs 110 to Rs 180.

9. Best Be U Paris matte nail polish

Be U Paris is a well known brand and they too have brought out a range of matte nail colors. They are good for day wear as well as for a night out and look classy without being too jarring. The nail paints are also one of the most affordable in the market, which makes it perfect for the youngsters, available for around Rs 220 to Rs 380.

10. Best Makeup Mania matte nail polish

Makeup Mania has quite a few options in matte colors of nail paint and they have been especially curated so that women with various sensibilities can find something for themselves. The colors are fun and yet quite subtle, and they are great if one wants to experiment with nail art. They are also available for a price range of about Rs 140 to Rs 250.

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