Sports shoes are a must for any kind of training and sports and the right shoes can add miles to your training regimen. Sports shoes are more or less suitable for all kinds of sports like tennis, cricket or football and they are truly versatile. Anyone who loves the outdoors and is into physical activity should own a good pair of sports shoes to avoid unnecessary injury to the legs. Here is a list of best sport shoes for men at various price range so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Here is the list of best brands for Men’s Sports Shoes in India

1. Best Nivia Men’s Sports Shoes

Nivia is an India based company that is revolutionizing sports equipments and their shoes are indeed world class. The sports shoes are light and use a mesh technology to keep them breathable, which is a concern in the humidity of the Indian climate. There are Aviator Football shoes, Badminton Flash shoes, Carbonite shoes and a host of other options. The shoes are mostly priced between Rs 500 and Rs 3000.

2. Best Sparx Men’s Sports Shoes

Sparx is a sport shoe segment from Relaxo, one of the best brands in a mid- price range. The soles of the shoes are made from rubber latex and they provide ample cushioning for the feet to prevent ankle injury. The shoes are perfect for playing all kinds of outdoor sports like tennis, badminton or cricket. The shoes are mostly priced between Rs 1150 and Rs 3500.

3. Best Adidas Men’s Sports Shoes

Adidas shoes have a niche of their own and the best sportsmen in the world tend to prefer them. The brand is known for making extremely durable shoes that can beat the wear and tear of being associated with outdoor sports. The shoes are made with special shock absorbent formula and they prevent aches for those who have trouble in their limbs. The shoes are available at a price range of Rs 1799 and Rs 8900 approximately.

4. Best Puma Men’s Sports Shoes

Puma has always been a name to be reckoned with in the world of sports shoes and the men’s range of lace- ups and the Grey shoes are all time favorites. The shoes are extremely comfortable and made with lightweight mesh nylon to prevent extra strain on the legs. They are also extremely stylish and will ensure that you make a style statement on the field as well. The price of the shoes is between Rs 1399 and Rs 12,675 approximately.

5. Best D: FY Men’s Sports Shoes

Those who do not want to compromise on style when they are on the sports field will find this to be the best brand for them. They have a water resistant variety which makes it perfect for training in wet climate. The brand itself was created with an ideology, to make the best quality sports gear in India at an affordable price range so that it is accessible to all. Hence, the sports shoes are available at a range of Rs 455 to Rs 3500.

6. Best Reebok Men’s Sports Shoes

Reebok has constantly emerged as one of the top brands in India despite severe competition from a number of quarters. The Spikes and the Training shoes are an all time favorite and they are sure to add extra miles to your regimen. The brand uses natural latex in their shoes at all times. The shoes are priced between Rs 2500 and Rs 10,500 approximately.

7. Best Red Tape Men’s Sports Shoes

Red Tape shoes are sure to leave the buyer spoilt for choice. The shoes are extremely well designed, and are at par with other international brands. The Paneled Low Top Sports Shoes, the textured Lace Ups and the Athleisure Walking shoes have always managed rave reviews. The shoes are available at a price of Rs 1499 and can go up to Rs 6500.

8. Best Power Men’s Sports Shoes

Power shoes for men are strong and sturdy, just what a robust sportsman wants. The shoes are made for the masses, in keeping with what they want according to their Indian lifestyle and are mostly sold through Bata. The shoes are priced around Rs 1200 and Rs 3500. They have special grip shoes for protection against wet surfaces.

9. Best Nike Men’s Sports Shoes

Nike shoes will always remain a favorite because of their style and functionality. Nike is one of the most favored brands for many athletes around the world and the signature Nike symbol is enough to evoke trust in the product. The Zoom train Action Navy, Free Og Breeze and the Pegasus are much preferred and they are usually priced between Rs 2500 and Rs 9500.

10. Best Campus Men’s Sports Shoes

Campus is a mid range brand but packs in quite a lot in terms of style and features. The soles of the shoes are made using innovating technology. The Freedom range and the Battle range are among the most popular. The shoes are priced around Rs 1500 and Rs 3500 and are perfect for young school and college sportsmen.

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