10 Best Stick Contour Brands

Contouring is the latest trend in makeup and not without a reason. Contour can help with highlighting the best features of the face and make the face look slimmer. The stick contours are great because they allow a lot of control and his perfect for beginners who are trying contour for the first time. The right kind of contour will blend in seamlessly with the facial skin and with so many brands out there it could be hard to choose the right one. Following are some of the best brands with their individual prices.

Here are the best brands for stick contour

1. Best Mars Contour stick contour

Mars Contour has special 3D stick contours that are highly recommended for novices who are going to try contouring for the first time. The contour stick allows great control and the shades are available to match all the various skin types. The sticks are priced around Rs 350 to Rs 450 each.

2. Best Coloressence stick contour

Coloresence stick contours come in a variety of shades that are suitable for the various skin tones. They also have a mattifying effect that prevents the skin from becoming oily or shiny. The sticks come in special holder packages that are also makes them great to carry around so that one can touch up anytime. They are available around a price of Rs 499.

3. Best Maybelline Face Studio stick contour

One of the best products in the segment, the contour stick is suited for all skin types and it is also a product frequently used and recommended by celebrities. The contour also has no drying effect at all, which often prevents those with dry skin from using them. One can avail them around a price of Rs 650.

4. Best Wet N Wild stick contour

Wet N Wild has a plethora of shades which can be used to contour and highlight the best features of the face in no time. The stick contour can last for a very long time and they are particularly favored by those with dusky skin because of the beautiful shadows they make. One can have them around a price range of Rs 550 to Rs 600.

5. Best Nykaa stick contour

Nykaa stick contours are quite recent additions but they have already garnered quite a fan following in a very brief span of time. The stick contours can also be used as bronzers which makes them multipurpose. The contours are recommended for all skin types which is an added advantage. One can have them for a price of around Rs 550 to Rs 750.

6. Best Freedom stick contour

Freedom stick contours lends the user great precision and they are being used a lot in fashion shows as well. The dual tone, Two in One stick makes it perfect for all skin types and it can also be alternately used as a highlighter and contour. Priced at around Rs 1000, it is one of the most versatile products in this segment.

7. Best LA Girl stick contour

The LA Girl stick contour is made for the bold and beautiful girl who wants to step out with flawless skin but does not want to seem like trying. The contour also conceals and can also be used as bronzer, which is great as it serves many purposes. It is priced around Rs 600 and has received some very good reviews.

8. Best Segolike stick contour

Segolike stick contours come in pen like packaging and there are six shades in all, that are paired in warm and light tones. One can find the perfect contouring color by mixing the shades that makes them virtually perfect for any skin tone. Priced at around Rs 575, it is a pocket friendly option with great benefits.

9. Best Sugar Cosmetics stick contour

Sugar Cosmetics are known for their high end pigmented formula and it is also applicable in the case of stick contours which provide the perfect contouring with the perfect shade. The shades will go a long way in ensuring that the shades are perfectly blended and the creamy formula helps in flawless complexion. One can have them around a price point of Rs 400.

10. Best Faces stick contour

Faces has always been top brand in cosmetics and the stick contours have been in the spotlight for their best ever creamy formula which instantly melts into the skin and provides the perfect blend that leaves the face perfectly contoured and the skin luminous at the same time. They are priced around Rs 800 and are truly worth it.

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