Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day 2016 is fast approaching and it is time to show the big man in our lives the little affection he so deserves. We have known this person all our lives, the ever-giving, ever-loving, epitome of sacrifice. He has never accepted anything from us but has always given back more and more.

Dads they are. Every guy’s first friend and every girls’ best man. He is the one who makes our world go round, the one who provides us with whatever we do and don’t ask for, the one who gives up his happiness to put a smile on our face and the one who is always there for us.

It’s hard to imagine how life would have been, had it not been for our dear dads. So, we guess it’s time to return the favour and put back the lost smile on their lovely faces. And what better occasion for it than the Father’s Day!

Here are some loving gifts you can give your dad this Father’s Day and etch a memory that lasts a lifetime.

1. Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR

Give your dad the kiss of good health with fitness and activity tracker bands. Fitbit Charge HR is an ideal choice for your health-conscious father. This smart accessory fits perfectly on the wrist and tracks all health-related data. It can monitor heart rate, check sleep patterns and track workouts. The band also seamlessly syncs with smartphones to display time and call notifications right on the wrist.

2. Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a perfect choice for the always-hungry-for-reading dads. You know how much your dad enjoys his leisure time reading tons of books. Now gift him the one thing he will have with him forever.

The Kindle is one gadget that your father would ever need. With an unlimited number of books to pick from a wide range of genres, the Kindle is sure to become your dad’s addiction forever. And sure, you’ll love his new addiction.

3. Casio Edifice

Casio Edifice

Your dad deserves to be a king. Make him feel like one by gifting a premium luxury watch. Casio Edifice will shine like a diamond on his wrist. Its stainless steel body with shiny bezels give a rich outlook. The watch comes with complete chronograph function and is perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

4. Royal Oak Recliner

royal oak recliner for father's day

He runs from office to home to grocery shop to everywhere. Give your marathon runner dad a break and settle him down on a recliner. A Royal Oak Recliner will give him the break he so deserves. Add to it a Kindle, his reading glasses and a cup of coffee for a totally awesome self-indulging experience he’ll truly enjoy.

5. Nikon D5200

nikon D5200 dslr camera for father's day

You know that your little adventurous dad has a love for photography. Help him nurture it with a Nikon D5200 DSLR – suited perfectly for amateur photographers. Let your dad learn the ropes of capturing good quality photos and take up photography as a hobby. He’ll definitely love you for this!

6. Park Avenue Grooming Kit

Park Avenue Grooming Kit

It’s time to make your dad look dandy this Father’s Day. He’s been concerned for you and your well-being and isn’t having time for himself. That shady beard of his says it all. Gift your dad a Park Avenue grooming kit and watch him turn back time. You’ll realize that it’s been a while since you’ve seen that person behind that beard.

7. Gauge Machine Leather Bag

Gauge Machine Leather Bag for father's day

He’s been carrying the same leather bag to work for years and you can see it actually falling apart. Why not be a sweet kid and get him another which he’ll always carry with him. Also, wouldn’t it put a smile on his face every time he sees or uses it? Oh Yes! That’s what you need – a happy dad and his happy memories.

8. Bosch Home Tools Kit

Bosch Home Tools Kit

Your dad is the Mr. Fix-it-all for anything and everything that goes wrong at the home. And more than taking it up as a chore, he actually loves doing it. Go ahead and gift him a complete home tools kit which will be put to good frequent use. You’ll love the sight of him mending something or the other with your gifted set. A win-win for both.

9. Parker Vector Gold

You’ve seen your dad write and sign documents all the time. But why does he always use that one pen which is faithfully stuck to his shirt pocket? Maybe he holds that important. Well, yes he does! Give that old pen a break and make your father feel more king-like with a Parker Pen. Let him pull that cap off with a smile.

10. JBL Go Wireless Speaker

JBL Go Wireless Speaker

In the little while he relaxes, your dad loves listening to music. But why does he resort to TV or laptop for listening to songs? You know that the sound quality is bad but he doesn’t care. Give him a real musical treat with JBL Go Wireless Portable Speaker. Your dad can now enjoy rich music, anytime and anywhere, thanks to your little treat!

All said and done, your dad would love you no matter what you gift him this Father’s Day. But why not make it more special for him this time around?

Gift him something that cannot be ever taken back. Give your dad the gift of time this Father’s Day. Spend some time with him and bring back the sweet old memories. It’s been a while since you’ve had some real time with your dad. We suggest you have it. You’ll love it and he’ll love it even more. Go ahead, make your dad’s day this Father’s day! 😉

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