Have a glance at ten recent full size photographs of yours and you may just realize the need for some new poses. Wearing the same signature pose time and again can get really boring which is why here’s an article for you to seek inspiration from. The next time you are about to get yourself snapped, try one of these celebrity approved poses:

The sidekick pose

1- THE SIDEKICK POSE-compressed

The classic ankle cross pose instantly makes your legs look leaner and longer. Just cross your ankles and you are done!

The forward move pose

 2- THE FORWARD MOVE POSE-compressed

All you have to do is bring one of your legs forward and just smile!

The double take pose

 3- THE DOUBLE TAKE POSE-compressed

This pose is all about exuding power. Stand up straight and place both hands on your hips.

The flamingo pose


This flirty pose is super easy to achieve. Turn to one side and make figure 4 with your legs and tada! Say cheese!

The side flair pose

 5- THE SIDE FLAIR POSE-compressed

Show off your curves by posing from the side! Bend one knee, suck in your tummy and keep your head straight.

The backless pose

 6- THE BACKLESS POSE-compressed

This is the perfect pose if you want to flaunt your back in that beautiful backless gown. Turn away from the camera, keep your legs together and look back at the photographer. Or maybe, just look towards one of your sides.

The one hand wonder pose


Simply place your hand on your hip in a casual manner and let your shoulders look relaxed.

The demure pose

 8- THE DEMURE POSE-compressed

Appear confident while still looking sweet with this pose. Stand up straight, keep your knees together with your feet almost touching and flash a little smile.

The knee lift pose

 9- THE KNEE LIFT POSE-compressed

The only thing you need to do to look extra cool is keep your hands in your pockets (if there are any) and lift your one knee a bit above the ground.

The duo pose

 10- THE DUO POSE-compressed

Slinging your arms over your sis’s shoulders is passé. Give it a miss and go for this duo pose instead. Stand casually with face turned inward towards each other.

Have you tried any of these poses?

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