10 Captivating Airport Looks Of Kangana That We Can’t Get Enough Of

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In an episode of Koffee With Karan, Alia Bhatt was asked which actress she would like to stalk. With all of her innocence, she replied, “I would like to stalk Kangana because she has a lot of lovely airport looks. But I really want to know where she is going!” Now, we might never find out where she’s going, but on the occasion of the eccentrically bold actress’s birthday, we’d love to check out some of these touted airport looks.

Here are the most chic airport pictures of our off screen and on screen Queen, Kangana Ranaut.


1. Starting off with a little Valentino, the polka dot coat is to die for. The classy brogues and rimmed eyeglasses give the entire outfit a welcome edge.





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