Office can come with its own dose of monotony and lethargy. Doing the same work day after day can surely cause boredom. You can now customize your work space and bring out your inner geek with some amazingly cool gadgets. Give a boost to your productivity with the latest nifty gadgets.

Amazingly Cool Gadgets for your Work Space

1. USB Desktop Aquarium


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Who’d have thought you could now keep your pet with you at work? Well…if you count fish as pet then you totally can! Decorate your desk with a desktop aquarium which not only serves as a clock, pen holder, overhead light and a calendar but can also play host to small fish. It’ll definitely not look fishy to your co-workers!

2. Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker

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Who doesn’t like a nice, hot cup of Joe to wake you up from long sleepy meetings? This wonderful, nifty coffee maker is connected to your phone and can make delicious cups of coffee depending on your mood. Be it a foaming cup of cappuccino or a soothing cold coffee, just select your recipe on the phone and you’re good to go. The best part is that you can carry it with you without any hassle.

3. Stress Busting Desktop Punching Ball


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We’ve all had days where the work stress becomes unimaginable and all you want to do is hit the wall or punch that idiotic co-worker who’s annoying the heck out of you. Well since we don’t promote work place violence – we’ll suggest a cool substitute. Get an anti-stress punching ball for the days you want to blow off some steam!

4. USB Can Cooler- Mini Fridge


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How cool would it be (no pun intended) to just reach out and pull out a can of chilled beverage? It sounds too good to be true but you can now keep a mini USB fridge on your desk to cool a can of coke or a juice box (we wouldn’t recommend you risking your job by chilling beer inside it). Kill the summers and the boredom with this awesome gadget.

5. Fingerless Hand Warmers


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For those living and working in frigid conditions, boy do we have the perfect gadget for you. Buy a pair of hand warmers to keep your hands toasty and warm. They’re fingerless hence allowing you to comfortably type and carry on with your regular tasks. Choose the temperature you want and heat your hands with wireless heating or through a USB. Your hands are going to love this hot piece of gadget!

6. Window Mounted Solar Charger


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Don’t you just hate the days when you’re getting late and realize you didn’t get time to charge your phone AND you forgot your charger at home? Well now you can use this uber cool window mounted solar charger which can charge your phone when it’s in the sunlight. Save your time and electricity with this nifty little thing!

7. Livescribe Pen


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Gone are the days where you had to take endless notes in meetings and tried to catch up with what was going on around you. You can now easily record audio along with taking notes with this extremely sophisticated Livescribe Pen. Not only that, you can also digitize whatever you’ve written and easily share it across platforms. The pen surely is mightier than the sword!

8. DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike

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With work and office taking up most of your time it can be quite difficult to make time for the gym or get any physical exercise. Sweat not…or maybe a little thanks to this Under Desk Exercise Bike which can help you get your feet and legs moving while you sit and work. Set up the resistance you want and you’re good to go. Burn those calories and feelings of frustration away in no time!

9. iStorage Portable Encrypted SSD


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If you’re looking for a device to keep sensitive information safe, then we’ve got just the right gadget for you. iStorage has come up with a PIN protected SSD keeps data safe and is perfect for travelling as well. It comes in many variants including 1TB, 2TB and even 512GB depending on your requirement. It needs no specialised software to run is extremely efficient with it’s military grade hardware encryption.

10. Lumo Lift Posture Coach


In today’s day and age, it is very easy to start developing back pains and suffer from the likes of Spondylitis all because of bad posture and sitting in front of computers for hours on end. With Lumo Fit, you can now be aware about your posture which sends regular vibrations and reminders about your posture. You can track your progress and learn more about your health thanks to their app. This will surely go a long way in helping you maintain your health.

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