Nokia 3310 New

While the launch of an age-old warrior phone was enough to make the internet go gaga over it, there was little logic behind all the commotion.

New Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 was making its entry into the mobile market after 17 years in exile. Launched during the recently concluded Mobile World Congress, the device stole all attention owing to its raging popularity among old mobile users who fondly remember it as the ‘Unbreakable’ phone.

However not all the thumbs up and love shown towards the phone make it a must buy. The Nokia 3310 might have rekindled sweet memories but there is little juice on the phone to own it, even as a secondary device.

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy the New Nokia 3310

1. This is No Era for Feature Phones

The Nokia 3310 is nostalgic, no doubt about that. But we aren’t in 2001 anymore. Smartphones are ‘the’ phones these days and if you still own a feature phone, it better be a backup device.

Nokia 3310 can never replace smartphones and with all the basic specifications you can only use it for calling.

2. Unjustified Price Point

Considering the very minimal features that Nokia 3310 comes with, even Rs 3500 seems too steep an asking price. At this price, users can opt for a low budget smartphone which is, obviously, still a smartphone!

Nokia 3310 New

3. No Social Networks

No Facebook, no Twitter, and hell no to WhatsApp. All you have is a brick phone that is nostalgic to hold and looks fancy.

Don’t mind it?

4. Old School Keypad Sucks Big Time

After using QWERTY touch keyboards on smartphones, it is really not a pleasant experience going back to the basic keypad.

Remember you have to punch ‘7’ four times for ‘s’.

Enough said.

5. Forget about 4G, this Phone has only 2G

Browsing on the super slow 2G speed will take a lot of patience. Especially after you’re used to 3G and 4G speeds.

6. 2MP Camera. Are You Seriously Kidding Now?

There is a 2MP rear camera on the Nokia 3310. We appreciate Nokia’s efforts to put a camera. But with 2MP resolution, there is only so much you can capture with the phone.

Nokia 3310 Camera

7. T9 Text Input. But No Chat Apps.

It is a lot fun to use the instant T9 text input. But sadly there are no chat apps to take advantage of this feature. No messaging apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram etc.) are supported by the phone.

8. Boring Design

Nokia 3310 comes in bright colors but the design is downright boring. At times it feels like you’re holding a toy phone in hand.

Not really a perfect tribute to the old Nokia 3310.

9. Snake Game Gone Wrong

The new version of ‘Snake’ is everything you never wanted it to be. Super sharp graphics and slick controls take the fun out of the game.

New Nokia 3310 Snake

10. Not the Same Old Nokia 3310

The new Nokia 3310 is certainly an upgrade to the old phone. But it doesn’t feel like one of those old beastly Nokia phones. Maybe it has something to do with the time of the release.

Maybe it has something to do with the time of the release. But nevertheless, we still miss the old phone and it is better that it remains history!

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