List of Top 10 Computer and Laptop Accessories

Every day you wake up and make your way to another day of work, which is almost as similar to the days that went by. Your workstation awaits you, and you know that your day is going to be hectic, full of meetings and so many tasks that you probably have to manage simultaneously! And before you go off to sleep reading this and thinking about your same old workstation, I have an idea for you.

I want you to make your workstation less of a boring desk + laptop/desktop thing and make it look a better version of you – the quirky, cool, not so simple, not so complicated and not a regular 9-to-5 guy. So listen to me as I tell you about some of the coolest collectibles from all over the internet with which your workspace is all set to become zingy!

10 Best Computer and Laptop Accessories are:

1. High-Def Hacker Laptop Skin

hacker laptop skin1

This quirky laptop skin inspired by ethical hacking enthusiasts is what you need to apply on your laptop’s cover. Apart from breaking the monotony of your own work cycle, it’s sure to get conversations started around you with probable questions like “are you choosing an alternate career?” and then you can just give them a smirk! Laptop Skins like these can surely bring the cool factor, Just Go for them!

Amazon Price – Rs. 189, Buy Now

2. This Soft Touch Rainbow Keyboard Cover Skin


Blackish keyboards by regular laptop brands are so passé, so are the white-grey keyboards of Mac OS computers and laptops. Here’s funky spectral silicone keyboard skin that will make your laptop or PC keyboard shine like disco balls the moment your system is powered up. This buy is a good buy for a good boy!

3. Hot Pink Laptop Brief Case


What could be more charismatic than getting a bright pink waterproof briefcase to work with a laptop in it? This Brinch 15.6-inch laptop case bag is just what you need to make your entry at work nothing less than star-studded. Glitzy and glamorous on the outside and tough and dutiful on the inside, this is what makes this briefcase a must buy for your laptops!

Amazon Price – Rs. 3875

4. Blitzy Disco Lights Keyboard


Those bespoke MacBook keyboards will seem passe once you get a flashy light keyboard like this into your workstation. Even if your work-floor runs out of power, you would become the sole source of lights, albeit funk, with this backlit gadget. The best part is that it’s a gaming laptop so you can start your Need For Speed or Call of Duty sessions any minute you feel like it.

Amazon Price – Rs. 2490

5. Hideous Laptop Privacy Screen Filter


This may seem like an expensive investment but the output this gives is worth the money. Keep your laptop safe from sneaky neighbors with this killer 3M masterpiece. Currently available for MacBook Air13, this laptop privacy filter is all you need to keep your bright ideas to yourself.

Amazon Price – Rs. 2231

6. Dissected Brain Laptop Cover


This sticky picky half grayscale half colourful laptop skin cover is all you need to be dual-purposed in life. Keeping the laptop cover surface dirt-free and adding spunk go hand in hand once you paste this left-brain right-brain graphic cover on your laptop. This is all you need to make your work equal parts outstanding and equal parts fun!

Amazon Price – Rs. 189

7. LED Lit Ergonomic Mouse

This colorfully lit LED mouse powered by a USB cable comes in a variety of designs and colors. It has no extra installation software to make it even better for you to gear up for the game time ahead. So fire up your workstation with this lightning-speed mouse and get your pending work done within minutes so that you can shift to your FIFA games in a jiffy.

Amazon Price – 1535

9. Silky Smooth Gaming Mouse Pad

No mouse can feel great to use when you have a friction-some mouse pad below it which almost feels like rubbing hands with sand paper. So shove that plain and foamy mouse-pad away and get this silky smooth dragon-themed eclectic mouse-pad. Let your workstation speak for what you stand for. Fire!

Amazon Price – Rs. 1824

10. Envelope-like leather Laptop Case


What if you could make every Monday seem like a Friday? What if your mornings were an extension of the party last night! Well, get this fascinating new laptop cover cum notebook case cum iPad holder that will give your morning mood an amazing twist. This “Let’s Dance” cover is totally meant for those who live, breathe and move with every tune of music that comes from afar!

Amazon Price – Rs. 1699

11. Abstract Style Mouse Pad


Not the gamer type, then this abstract spectrum styled colourful mouse-pad would be the perfect add-on to your work-table. This free-colours design will let you think freely and keep your focus on finishing important tasks without any distractions whatsoever! What’s more, its anti-skid round-edged feel gives you a smooth usability so that you work non-stop without any complaints!

Amazon Price – Rs. 159

Mahasweta G Pal
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