Funny IIM Interviews

After months of grueling preparation to clear the toughest exam in India (CAT) and a few more months of preparing for the follow-up interviews, one would really be prepared to face anything.

But what when karma strikes in the worst and funniest way possible? What then?

Here is a compilation of 10 IIM interview questions and answers that will leave you funnily stumped.

1. When the Interviewer and Candidate are on the same page 😉

IIM Questions - Kingfisher

2. The Caaaaaaaouuuu Question

IIM Questions - Cow

3. In Search of the Perfect ID 😛

IIM Questions - Email ID

4. Now That’s What You Call a Triple Strike!

IIM Questions - 3 Consecutive Days

5. The Perfect Salesman 😀

IIM Questions - Laptop Story

6. Hot or Not?

IIM Questions - Loyal or Not

7. Evaluating Drawing Skills

IIM Questions - Drawing Test

8. The Nation Wants to Know 😉

IIM Questions - Times Now Panel

9. Can’t Just Pick One

IIM Question - Kate or Angelina

10. Spoken Like a Boss 😎

IIM Questions - Spoken Like a Boss

While IIM interviews are predominantly known for their extensive and intensive drills across almost all subject categories, funny questions like these crop up once in a while to break the ice.

All that matters is whether you strike these sweet full tosses for a six or plop it into the hands of the panelists. 😉

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