If poetry is the fruit of heaven then Mirza Asadullah Khan aka Ghalib is the heaven himself. They say only a broken heart could weave an emotion so strong it corners in the hearts of million. And Mirza Ghalib was surely one of them. He was the last profound poet of the Mughal Era and perhaps one of the most popular and persuasive poets of Urdu language.

“Guzar Jayega Yeh Daur Bhi Ghalib, Zara Itmenaan Toh Rakh;

Jab Khushi Hi Na Thheri toh Gham ki Kya Auqaat Hai”

If you have ever been a fan of Ghalib’s poetry, here is a chance to relive the moment. If you’ve been not, here is a chance to fall in love with it.

If your crush didn’t make you flush, this sher probably will


When the glimpse of that person makes your day


Ghalib knew how to pull off a battle


When you are broken beyond a fix


When in love, do as Ghalib says

7Constantly torn between practice and preach

6 Time Flies

Somewhere between ifs and buts


When addiction surpasses everything


As good as old wine


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