10 Hilarious Reactions to the Ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Notes

RIP Rs 500 and Rs 1000

It was a day like any other; until 8pm happened!

On November 8th 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came out with the sudden announcement saying that all Rs 500 and Rs 1000 will be banned from midnight.

A decisive and bold move to curb #BlackMoney initially had people freaking out and going crazy!

While all is well now and we know what is in store, here is a collection of hilarious reactions that hit social media as soon as news of the ban spread.

1. Now That’s an Entry!


2. Kaboom!

Galaxy Note - Narendra Modi

3. Hahaha……Oh Wait 😐

4. Truly Godly!

5. The Rightful Heir

Rs 100 King

6. ATM Trolls :mrgreen:

7. Look Who’s Back!

Vijay Mallya Black Money

8. Snack Time

Snack Time

9. The ‘Modi’ Effect

10. Meanwhile in Pakistan 😛

The fight against corruption is real and the NDA government has taken a giant step forward in the right direction.

Let us accept the bitter todays for better tomorrows.

On a side note – here’s a little gig for the Black Money Mongers!
Oppa Gangnam Style

Oppa Gangnam Style Everyone 😀



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