The hills are calling and the time is perfect to pack your bags and take a good break away from the noise of the cities. We have a list of places for you where you can chill and grab some food while on your journey. Blend in with the magic of the hills at these 10 signature cafes that take you into a world of their own!

More than the food, the experience of these cafes is what makes them unique. Book your tickets to the nearest hill station and experience these wonderful cafes as you go about your journey. Make sure you plan your trip with RedBus ticket booking for affordable rates. RedBus bank offers from CashKaro can get you cashbacks like never before!

Café 1947, Manali

Capture1947cafeThis vintage café speaks of the memoirs of pre-independent India from its walls. With an off-beat yet Indian cuisine filling up most of the menu, it’s got everything that transforms you to a world of British ruling in India – bread toasts with eggs, delectable sandwiches, tandoori parathas and kebabs.

Jim Morrison Cafe, Kasol

A regular pizzas and burgers cafe becomes a signature hangout zone in the heart of Kasol’s Parvati Valley. This laid-back atmosphere where relaxation reaches a whole new dimension altogether is certainly a must visit on your Himachal tour.

Cafe By The Way, Mussoorie


A pub/cafe of its kind with bikers at the heart of its themed decor, this is the place for photobombing on Insta while sipping hot jasmine tea and then going forward to scintillating cocktails. Its coffees, teas and sandwiches are as delightful as its flamed martinis.

Dylan’s Cafe, Manali

DylanA signature cafe started by Eric Schuer in the 1900s, now has a center stage for rock artists to come and perform at. It’s a frequent spot for overseas travelers and music lovers who come for the live music that happens every evening.

Shiva’s Café, McLeodganj

Shiva CafeSet in the lap of the Bhangsu peak and just a few meters away from a picturesque waterfall, Shiva’s Cafe is an open cafe where trekkers halt for a few puffs and enjoy Himalayan savouries like momos, maggi and chicken.

Keventers, Darjeeling

dfwwKeventersThis iconic café is a reminiscence of the 200-year-old heritage that the British have left behind as a token of gratitude to Bengal. Who can ever get enough of their pork chops, hot dogs, gourmet pizzas and cheese toasts?

556433_429670263741381_1171465281_nMost importantly, this scene from Barfi … says it all!

The Beatles’ Cafe, Rishikesh

BEATLES60sA cool cafe that’s one-of-its-kind, this place has an open balcony, some couches, some chairs and some dispersed tables idly meant for songwriters, music composers and creative minds looking for a peaceful and scenic atmosphere with memoirs of the Big 4 on the walls.

Cafe Sol, Shimla

DROPpppA incandescent decor with changing colours and different menus everyday, Shimla’s quaint bistro has remained a favourite for its intoxicating menu having pizzas, kebabs and rare mountain meat delights too. Hop in during the day for the picturesque views outside or enjoy dinner dates by the moonlit trickling water-streams!

Cafe Hendrix, Guwahati

henfrissA hangout amidst the green ranges of lower Himalayas in one of the rock-rich states of India, Cafe Hendrix has just one simple objective – to celebrate the madness and the greatness of Jimi Hendrix. His tunes and his collaborations with other Blues singers define the ambiance of this cafe.

Cloud 9, Shillong


This club-cafe has men and women of all generations frequenting this villa that lives by Iron Maiden’s song – “Live to fly, fly to Live”. The place has everything to offer the musically inclined guys and girls their quaint spaces to recreate!

Willy’s Coffee Pub, Ooty

This café is set right in the heart of the hill station. It is a great place for backpackers to relax, surrounded by bookshelf beautifully adorning the walls. They are popular for their desserts and bakes. Book your tickets to Ooty right away using RedBus coupons from CashKaro.

Popular items – Banana Cake, Filter Coffee, Cutlets

Switch off from work and switch on to what your heart wants. Be young, be free and relish your fun time at these signature cafes that will bring you peace and comfort like never before! Using RedBus can get you up to ₹150 off and extra ₹100 cashback with RedBus coupon codes from CashKaro.

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Image source: Holidify, Facebook, TripAdvisor.

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