When you say the internet is a funny place, it really is. History stands witness that people of the internet have made stars overnight, revived someone’s lost career, and not to forget, pushed the jury to give away the much awaited, much deserved, and much-celebrated Oscar to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Today on his birthday, we celebrate the journey of DiCaprio from sinking Titanic to coming back alive in Revenant.

Goal: Keep working

433d0ddb32f578bd1c6f40a387f0eecbThere is always some hope

faith-and-hope-quotes-59753-statusmind-comAll’s well that ends well

Make each day count


Stick to your roots

source: geckoandfly

Wake up and make them happen

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Do not pretend like you’re not listening

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You’re here to make a difference and you can do it


Be Grateful for everything

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He didn’t say it but kinda makes sense when he won the Oscar

We are proud of you, Leo Caprio. Wish you a very happy birthday!

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