10 most haunted places in India

You must have heard a lot of ghost stories related to different places in India. But have you ever visited a place which is believed to be haunted? Well, if not then plan out a trip to any of these places that we have listed. If you think you’re brave enough to explore these spooky places in India, then you must get along with your folks to discover what actually made these places haunted.

Those eerie sounds or silent disappearances, you’ll always keep guessing as to what happens inside these haunted places we have listed below. Check out the 10 most haunted places in India that you can explore to get that adrenaline rush.

Why Go There: Old Forts, Photography, Spooky Experiences

Ideal For: Bravehearts, friends and history enthusiasts

List of 10 Most Haunted Places in India

Haunted Places in India Regions in India
Bhangarh Fort Alwar, Rajasthan
Charleville Mansion Shimla
Kuldhara Village Rajasthan
GP Block Meerut
Haunted Graveyard Dagshai Himachal Pradesh
Tunnel No. 33 (Rail Route) Shimla-Kalka
Delhi Cantonment Delhi
Malcha Mahal Delhi
Shanivarwada Fort Pune
South Park Cemetery Kolkata

Real Haunted Places in India For Those With a Strong Heart

1. Bhangarh Fort in Alwar, Rajasthan

When we talk about haunted places in India, Bhangarh would always figure on top of the list. This town in Alwar is well-known for the folklore about a magician who was in love with the local princess of the area. However, he was forbidden to ever fall in love with her, upon which he cast a dark spell on the palace which caused its doom. The fort is haunted which is evident from the fact that the Archaeological Society of India has put up warning signs forbidding tourists to venture in the vicinity of the fort after sunset.

Distance from the City Center: 82.7Km (from Jaipur)

Best Way to Get There: There is good connectivity from major cities to Jaipur which can be reached by train, flight or even by road. You can board a cab from  Jaipur to Bhangarh fort in Alwar.

2. Charleville Mansion in Shimla

This century-old deserted castle was built in the British Era. It was rented in 1913 by the British officer Victor Bayley and his wife. But, little did he know that the house was also home to a ghost. When he heard the story of the ghost from a local, he decided to test the authenticity of such haunted tales. So, he locked the room from where most of the spooky experiences were reported. When he opened the room, to his surprise, he found the room in shambles. Many other such haunted stories have been reported by the Bayleys and subsequent residents.

Distance from the City Center: 32Km from Mall Road, Shimla

Best Way to Get There: To reach this spookiest place in Shimla, you can simply take a cab or drive on your own from Mall road, Shimla.

3. Kuldhara in Rajasthan: Haunted Village near Jaisalmer

Kuldhara is a deserted village located near Jaisalmer which has been abandoned since the 19th century. This village was established in 1291 by Paliwal Brahmins, known for their business shrewdness and agricultural knowledge. One night in 1825, all the villagers of Kuldhara and people from 83 adjoining villages disappeared all of a sudden. The mystery of the disappearing villagers is quite intriguing.

Distance from the City Center: 34 Km from Jaisalmer

Best Way to Get There:  Kuldhara can be reached by cab or bus from Jaisalmer.

4. GP Block in Meerut

GP Block ranks high amongst  North India’s most haunted places. This place is located in Meerut and is known for its ghosts. Many people have spotted ghosts of girls in red dresses and ghosts of men drinking right outside the building, however, none of the witnesses could figure out who these people really were.

Distance from the City Center: 27Km

Best Way to Get There: Taking a cab or a bus would be a great option.

5. Graveyard in Dagshai

According to a popular belief, an 8-month pregnant wife of a British Army officer died in an accident and was buried in Dagshai. A marble structure of a lady and her baby being blessed by an elf in its lap was placed in this Dagshai graveyard. As per a  superstition amid the wives of Indian Army officers, a marble piece from the grave would bless them with a baby boy.

Distance from the City Center: 65 Km from Shimla

Best Way to Get There: Shimla has good connectivity from major cities in India. You can easily get a cab from mall road to reach this graveyard in Dagshai.

6. The Barog Tunnel No. 33 on Shimla-Kalka Train Route

This tunnel which can be found on the Kalka-Shimla train route is one of the most haunted places in India. Captain Barog, a British engineer, was in charge of constructing this tunnel but failed to build it. The British charged him and he killed himself out of shame. His spirit is rumoured to wander in the tunnel and has friendly conversations with those who see him. Locals also claim to have seen a woman screaming and running into the tunnel and then disappearing.

Distance from the City Center: 35 Km from Mall Road, Shimla

Best Way to Get There: To reach this tunnel, you need to reach the mall road in Shimla. From there it will take you around two and a half hours to reach this place.

7. Delhi Cantonment Area

Delhi Cantonment area is a nice place to visit during the day. But as the night falls, you can be lucky or say unlucky enough to experience its frightening side. Locals and people who travel through this area claim to have seen a woman in a sari asking for a lift and chasing the vehicle at inhuman speeds. Many people have reported about the woman and avoid taking the cantonment road during night time.

Distance from the City Center: 10 Km approx. from Connaught Place

Best Way to Get There: Delhi Cantonment area can be reached from Connaught place, all you need to do is to book an Ola or Uber or take an auto. Moreover, Delhi is well connected to major cities in India.

8. Malcha Mahal

Malcha Mahal is a hunting lodge that dates back to the Tughlaq era. Princess Wilayat Mahal, one of the last descendants of the royal family of Oudh, did not get her estate back then after independence. She committed suicide by swallowing grounded diamond. Her spirit is said to haunt the royal palace area ever since. If rumours are to be believed, trespassers who have entered the palace never returned alive.

Distance from the City Center: 6.6 Km from Connaught Place

Best Way to Get There: Connaught Place is central to Delhi and from there, you can take an autorickshaw to reach this place.  Delhi being the capital city, has good connectivity to major cities in India.

9. Shanivarwada Fort in Pune

The ghost of a 13-year-old is said to haunt this fort, especially on full moon nights. According to the tale, Prince Narayan—the heir to the throne of Peshwa Dynasty—was brutally murdered. Locals claim to have heard his ghost cry out to his uncle to save him. Moreover, Shanivarwada in itself has witnessed many misfortunes since the time it was constructed.

Distance from the City Center: 5.6 Km

Best Way to Get There: If you are traveling from the Pune railway station, you can reach this place within an hour.


10. South Park Cemetery at Park Street in Kolkata

Located in Kolkata, South Park Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in India. Many people have reported seeing shadows at this place and have also detected some paranormal activities. Whosoever visited this place experienced dizziness and fell ill. Some of the rare incidences at the South Park cemetery were captured through cameras. The locals do not visit or enter this place after sunset. It is counted amongst the scariest places to visit in India.

Distance from the City Center: 5.6 Km

Best Way to Get There: This place can be reached in one hour from the city centre in Kolkata. Kolkata has good connectivity from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. You can simply take a bus or a cab to reach this place.

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