They say a desk speaks a lot about the character and creativity of a person. A lot of research has been done on it too. You spend more than 6 hours a day sitting on your desk. What all describes your desk? A pile of files? Some random quotes? Or a family photo reminding you have a life post office. We tell you about office desk gadgets that will keep you hooked to the seat. And yeah, they have more swag than your boss!

Desktop Punching Ball


Ahem! The name speaks a lot in itself. This ball will relieve you from all the stress you had in the meeting room. You can also paste print out pictures on the desktop punching ball for better stress burst if you know what I mean 😛

Cable Clips


Do you see wires around you? One for the LAN, one for mouse, another for syncing desktop with the laptop and one to keep you alive. It’s a wired world we live in. Sort them out. Use cable clips to organise your wires. Available in 6 colours.

Briefcase Style Card Holder


*The name is Bond, James Bond. Here is my visiting card* Takes out the little briefcase from the front pocket and that’s it. Impression made. This Briefcase Style Card Holder can hold about 20 business cards. Do not just carry the business card, briefcase it.

Wooden Phone Holder

Wooden phone holder

We always want to keep the smartphone in front of our eyes. Not an inch here and not a centimetre there. Buy yourself this wooden phone holder and keep it on your desk. Hold The Phone is the new Hodor.

USB Hub/Extension

USB hub

This is the need of the hour. We are running out of space to insert different cables. With the help of a USB Hub, you can connect different devices with your system. With at least 4 ports, it is a useful desk gadget.

Clip Glass Holder

clip cup holder

Admit it! We are all caffeine addicts. My most frightening nightmare would be a spilled cup of coffee over my important files and documents. The clip glass holder is made from ABS plastic and available in different colours.

Printing Calculator

printing calculator

Tired of jotting down your calculations on a piece of paper? Print them while you still want to calculate them. Casio has a range of desktop printing calculators, capable of printing approx. 2 lines per second. They can perform item total, grand total and sign change.

Electric Eraser

electric eraser

When everything is led by batteries, then why not an eraser? Buy yourself an electric eraser.  Efficient in erasing the edges. It comes with 20 refills, all in different colours. The electric eraser is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Elephant Storage Holder


Who can hold all your stationery better than an elephant? Give your desk some space for this little elephant storage holder. Available in various colour tones and made from high-quality solid plastic.

Bobble Head

bobble head

Fancy a bobble head on your office desk if you are looking for someone who always nods to whatever you utter. Also, a bobble head could be a symbol of your inspiration, your favourite superhero character or simply a desk gadget.

An office space is for a lot more than just work

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