April is here and we are all set to bring out the pranks bazooka. It is the best part of the year where you can get away with the most mischevious activities without being judged or punished. Playing prank with friends is easy but when it comes to your co-workers, it’s a different story. You share a professional space with them and you never know how they might react- take it sportingly or not. But then, you don’t need to worry because that’s their lookout.

Try these pranks with your colleagues and say, bura na maano April Fools Day hai.

Change the keys of the Keyboard

Jello Zeam, dope yew ate foinh ell

Grand Entry with an Airhorn


When you are having too many meetings – Blow some balloons 


Wash it if you can toilet roll prank

toilet roll prank

Airhonk Level II – Hot Seat Prank
chair-foghorn-prankFor the perfectionist in the team
Toilet seat prank

Mint Oreo Biscuits Prank 

toothpaste oreo

For the artist – windshield wipers crayon prank

rainbow color prank rainbow color prank

Cover the laser mouse base prank – for the one we just replaced the keyword keys

mouse prank

Wrap it up – Go home prank


Thank us later!

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