“The world doesn’t just revolve around you, you have to learn to see things through other people’s eyes – Barack Obama”
The tenure of a great leader has come to an end. Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of United States of America. He broke many barriers from being the first African-American to hold the office to being the first born outside of the continental U.S. Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. We all know he served his country and proved to be a profound world leader. We can learn a lot by following his approach towards work and life.
Here are some things we all are going to miss about the President Barack Obama.

‘We’ Do It All Together

Obama Selfie

Whether he is talking about pushing the civil rights or encouraging the foreign policies, it has always been ‘we’. Barack Obama has reflected great leadership traits and working together is one of them. In entrepreneurship also, it is important to frame ‘we’ in lieu of ‘I’.

When With Kids, Do As the Kids Do


President Obama is very fond of kids. He finds complete solace in their presence. He himself is a father of two daughters, Malia Ann and Natasha.


This reflects that you don’t have to care about anything when you are dealing with kids. Just roll up your sleeves and dance like a bunny.

A Family That Eats Together, Stays Together

Conference Dinner

Barack Obama always made sure that work and personal life should always compliment each other. He enjoys a feast with his colleagues as much as he enjoys working with them.

It Is the Bond That Keeps You Going

20904640935_ea02ab12b6_z (1)

Obama is known for sharing a special bond with his staff, be it the Advisor, Member of Council or the Cabinet. You may be different from the other person and may have varied opinions about various matters but sharing a bond lets you respect each other’s space. Exactly how Mr President does it.

Communicate Before you Commit

president obama in a discussion

Communication is important no matter what level of hierarchy it is. Barack Obama is known for conveying his message to people of different countries in the most subtle yet impactful manner. He said in one of his speeches at the White House, ‘your voice can change the world.’ So the next time you draw a conclusion out of any conversation, make sure you communicate your message in a manner that the other person would love to hear.

Dunk It Before You Bunk It

Obama having a leisure time

Work and no play makes Backy the mainstream president. But he is all about Harry Potter’s secret chambers. His favourite sport is Basket Ball and he was known by the name O’Bomber for his skills by his teammates in high school. The next time you find yourself dwindling between two things, just flip a coin and get started with any sport or game just like O’Bomber.

Do Not Kill The Positive Vibe


If you do not want to disappoint others, don’t disappoint yourself. In one of his speeches, he quoted, “I always try to make sure that my expectations are higher than those of the people around me.” Concluding that, whatever positivity you have in you, embrace it and let it grow until it reaches the pinnacle of inspiration.

 Have A Listening Ear16580758337_32a29cbcbf_b

“Yes, I am listening!” As easy it may seem but listening is a very powerful tool not everyone is aware of. It is like stating the obvious but every great leader is a listener before a speaker. When a German reporter asked Barack Obama about his designs for NATO in 2009, he replied, “I don’t come bearing grand designs, I’m here to listen, to share ideas and to jointly, as one of many NATO allies, help shape our vision for the future.”

A Friend Before A King

Obama with kids

To be a leader and ask people to follow your steps is easy. It takes a little more than that to look inside every soul and reflect the same charm as you have. Barack Obama followed his way of leadership by the means of friendship with other nations.

Love While You Still Can

Obama kissing his wife

“It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.” This quote perfectly fits in our last photo. His love for his family is immense and that’s what keeps him zealous throughout the day. Thank you for the inspiration, Mr President!

Wish you a very happy birthday Mr Barack Obama!

Images Source: www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse

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