“Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, girl of the South side, for the past 25 years you have not only been my wife and the mother of my children but you have been my best friend” said Barack Obama in his farewell speech as the 44th POTUS last week. Not that their love story has been unheard of, here’s some of their best moments captured on camera that make it look like theirs is nothing short of a fairy-tale romance.

Barack Obama met Michelle while being mentored by her in a Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin. Not a lover of public attention that Michelle is, she dated him for 3 years in surprise movie dates and low-profile luncheons until they tied the knot in October 1992.


Michelle readies Barack for a keynote address at the Chicago Economic Club, Dec 8, 2004. “Being married to the President,” as Mr. President recalls, “was not what she signed up for!” and yet she owned it with poise and grace for every minute since 2007.

obama 10a-aThis picture was posted on Twitter by President Obama on National Friend’s Day 2015 with the caption “Celebrate #NationalBestFriendsDay with the person who brings out the best in you” clearly indicating how much love and respect he has for his wife.

As for being the best friend, Michelle has on record gone on to say that marriage is hard, but it’s his unshakeable kindness that makes going for it easy. Mr. President has even penned down his life’s struggles and wins in his prize-winning testimonial “The Audacity of Hope”.

barack-obama-michelle-obama-love-story-romance-photos-09Mr. President is well aware of his wife’s struggles on handling parenting all by herself for which he has lauded her time and again for shouldering the responsibilities alone without blinking an eye away! This picture taken by White House photographers is from 2004 when Malia was six and Sasha was three.


When Barack Obama started his run for Presidential campaign back in 2007, it was Michelle whose support he asked for first, and when he became the first African American President in 2008, he gladly paid his tribute to her in his victory speech.

obama-8a-aThe White House photographers caught the power couple on camera as they sat on the roof of the White House watching fireworks over the National Mall for America’s Independence Day in 2010.

A basketball match between U. S. Men and Brazil’s Men Olympic teams became so much more enchanting to watch as the Kiss Cam captured America’s first couple much in love, even as their daughter looks at the screen.

obama 11a-a

Well, it looks like Mr. President and his wife are a couple that sings together, eats together and yes, rules (the nation and our hearts) together <3 <3 <3

Dear Michelle, words will fall short to tell what a rock-solid support you’ve been for the most humanistic #POTUS the world has seen. On your 53rd Birthday, we wish the heavens bless you with good health and happiness from the bottom of our hearts!

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