10 Pokémon Go Hacks That Will Make You A Pokemaster

By now, everyone knows about this game called Pokémon Go where you must have seen people walking like a zombie on the road and acting all nuts. The game broke the internet. The game broke all records surpassing Facebook, Tinder and Twitter. The dream which 90s kids always wanted to live, to catch a pokemon. Pokémon Go is an iOS and android game developed by Nintendo which uses your location to catch the pokemon you’ve always loved.


Do not try hard and just follow these tips and hacks to be a Pokemaster!

Hatch Eggs Without Moving a Leg

There are rare pokemons sleeping peacefully in one of those 10k eggs which are ready to be hatched. But it demands you to walk for 2-5 kms to hatch them. Your father’s old possessed record player will be a great help here. Simply place your phone on the record player and let it spin. You’ll have your eggs hatched!


Throw Pokeball When Green Circle is Smallest


So, you wasted quite a many Pokeballs trying to catch a Pokémon but couldn’t get it? Throw the Pokeball when the highlighted green circle is smallest to effectively catch the Pokemon. The smaller the circle, the harder it is to catch. This way you’ll get more XP points to progress to the next level.

Catch Common Pokemons for Quick Level Up


If you want your level to shoot up quickly, then try catching the common Pokémons like Weedle, Geodude and Pidgey as they require only 12 to 25 candies to evolve as compared to 50 candies in case of a rare Pokémon.

Hit The Gym at Night

The time between 2am to 4am is the most suitable time to mark your territory because everyone else would be busy with a condition called sleep. Now you know when to catch ém all.

Do Not Waste Pokeballs


By now, you must have got the picture that pokeballs are important and you cannot miss them. If you swipe to fling a pokeball, make sure it happens when the green circle is small. If you could not catch the Pokémon, tap the ball and drag it to the firing point and try again. Be quick and do not waste balls. Period.

Try Catching As Many Pokémons As Possible

Do not worry a bit if your Pokédex is full of Ekans and Rattatas. The idea is, the more Pokémons you will catch, the more candies you will get. Also, you can trade all the extra Pokémons for more candies from the Professor.


Move In The Direction of Green Leaves

The purpose of green leaves is to add more feel and to make the atmosphere look more natural. But if you see green leaves swirling around you, it means there must be a Pokémon nearby. Just make sure they fall in your circle and Pokémon shall appear.

pokemon go green leaves

‘Power Up’ Pokémons Before You Evolve Them When You Have Enough Candies

This would give the pokemon a higher CP, i.e, the evolved version will be stronger and bigger. Make sure you evolve the Pokémon with the highest CP rating for the next level experience.

Move to Pokéstops with Pink Leaves

Pink leaves are not just to meant to remind you of Autumn, there is a purpose behind them. It means some stranger has a ‘lure on the area’, attracting Pokémon to catch for half an hour. As they say, sharing is caring!


Choose Your Eevee Evolution

Eevee evolution

Usually, a Pokémon transforms and develops into one bigger version of itself. But little Eevee is more than what meets the eye. It can transform into 6 characters- Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Glaceon, Espeon, Leafeon and Umbreon.

Go on & be the Pokémon Master you always wished to be!



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