Admit it, a mobile phone alone cannot meet the requirement of your love for music. Though the sound is apt enough for a device that could fit in a palm but at times, loud is the thing. Also, an adventure trip, outdoor spree or watching a movie with friends is incomplete without a portable Bluetooth speaker. And to decide which one to choose is another story.

We share a list of top 10 Bluetooth speakers to set the party mood, all under Rs 5,000!

Jabra Solemate


Device Type: Wireless | Playback Time: Upto 10 Hours | Weight: 604 gm | Connectivity: Bluetooth & NFC | Dimensions: 172 x 64 x 70 mm

The rugged feel of the Jabra Solemate makes it one powerful speaker which is dust and splash resistant. The speaker can be connected via NFC as well as Bluetooth. The Jabra Solemate offers a 2.1 speaker setup in a compact size. It delivers impressive sound with clarity.

Logitech X100

Logitech X100

Device Type: Wireless | Playback Time: Upto 5 Hours | Weight: 163 gm | Connectivity: 3.5 mm stereo | Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 4.1 cm

The Logitech X100 is a speaker which redefines portability. It is so small, it could fit in your breast pocket. The speaker is available in 5 colours and gives upto five hours of continuous play of music. Given the price of Rs 1,400 to 1,650, it delivers quite a decent sound.

Portronics Sublime 2

Portronics Sublime 2

Device Type: Wireless | Playback Time: Upto 9 Hours | Weight: 651 gm | Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC and microUSB | Dimensions: 6.6 x 7.4 x 7.4 cm

Portronics Sublime 2 offers a lot of features. It showcases a sturdy silicon rubber and metallic grill. Sublime 2 delivers output with the help of Bluetooth, NFC, AUX-In and Micro SD card. The speaker also has an in-built FM radio. Moreover, it offers a very good sound quality. Available in 3 colour options- Red, Black and Blue.

Creative Muvo Mini

Creative Muva Mini

Device Type: Wireless | Playback Time: Upto 10 Hours | Weight: 288 gm | Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC, 3.5 mm Jack & USB | Dimensions: 190 x 37 x 59 mm

As you can see, the Creative Muvo Mini is water and dust resistant. The volume output is loud enough to enjoy the music without distortion. For the connectivity purpose, it has NFC which makes it worth buying. The speaker is available in White, Blue, Red and Black colour.

Logitech X300


Device Type: Wireless | Playback Time: Upto 5 Hours | Weight: 335 gm | Connectivity: Bluetooth, microUSB & 3.5 mm Jack | Dimensions: 69 x 152 x 71 mm

The Logitech X300 offers a matte finish with a rubberish plastic body. The back of the speaker has a microUSB port, a 3.5mm jack and the power button. The audio quality is seamless even at a high volume. Buy it for its looks and battery life.

Philips BT100B/00

Philips BT100

Device Type: Wireless | Playback Time: Upto 8 Hours | Weight: 180 gm | Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3.5 mm stereo & 3.5 mm Jack | Dimensions: 63 x 63 x 82 mm

The Philips BT100B delivers advanced audio performance with anti-clipping which gives you crystal clear sound eliminating distortion. You can easily switch from listening music to attending voice calls with the help of an in-built microphone. It is available in Pink, White and Black colour.



Device Type: Wireless | Playback Time: Upto 5 Hours | Weight: 130 gm | Connectivity: Bluetooth, MicroUSB & 3.5 mm Jack | Dimensions: 68.3 x 82.7 x 30.8 mm

The trust of JBL packed in a device as small as sticky notepad. The JBL Go meets the adage, chota packet, bada dhamaka. It is best suited for college students who are looking for a Bluetooth speaker for Rs 1,999. The sound performance will meet your expectations given the size. It is available in 6 vibrant colours including Orange, Blue and Green.

Creative Muvo 20

Creative Muvo 20

Device Type: Wireless | Playback Time: Upto 10 Hours | Weight: 1.37 kg  | Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC & 3.5 mm stereo | Dimensions: 115 x 335 x 115 mm

Enjoy loud and powerful audio with Creative Muvo 20. With a playback time of 10 hours, you can watch your favourite tv series and listen to as many songs as you wish. The Muvo 20 has the best-in-class sound surround. The built-in microphone will let you attend phone calls. The design will make you want to own it.



Device Type: Wireless | Playback Time: Upto 5 Hours | Weight: 789 gm  | Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC & 3.5 mm stereo | Dimensions: 16 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm

The JBL Flip 2 is a powerhouse with smart cylindrical looks. The microphone lets you attend the phone calls without any fuss. The battery life might not be as convincing as of other mentioned devices. The styling of the speaker gives it a very rich look with rubber support on either sides. Available in Black and White colour.

Mi Bluetooth Speaker

Mi Bluetooth Speaker

Device Type: Wireless | Playback Time: Upto 8 Hours | Weight: 270 gm  | Connectivity: Bluetooth & AUX-In | Dimensions: 58 x 168 x 25 mm

Xiaomi has successfully found an entry in the audio industry too. The Mi Bluetooth Speaker is that of a size of a big protein bar. It delivers an impressive audio sound which is clear, crisp and distortion free. You can also attend phone calls with the help of a built-in microphone. The speaker is available in vibrant metallic finish.

So, tell me what is the music inside your head?

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