On your first glance at the Bonzeal website, you might get the impression that it’s just another gifting website offering watches, shoes, flowers and the like. Well, so did we! But with further exploration, we found that the website packs some hidden treasures that will make you go ‘whoa!’ Take a look at this list of quirky products that you won’t want to gift, but keep all to yourself.

Psstt.. You definitely ARE going to fall in love with one of these products and you WILL want them. So, use these Bonzeal offers to cut down on your billing amount plus earn extra Cashback while you shop.

#1 Defuseable Bomb Alarm Clock

When you’re literally sleeping next to a ticking time bomb, you’ve got to get up when it starts to ring. Good thing is, it can be defused with just the push of a button.

Time Bomb

#2 Portable Mosquito Net

This huge mosquito net covers your entire bed to give you an uninterrupted sleep night after night. The fact that it can be stored easily inside compact bags makes this a complete winner.

Mosquito Net

#3 Remote Control Organizer

If you’ve ever had 5 different remotes lying around your bedroom or living room, you know why this is an absolute necessity. Neatly align all your remotes and you’ll never have to deal with a lost remote again.


#4 Shot Gun Handle Umbrella

When your umbrella looks like a cool shotgun, a little Mafia role play is definitely in order. It might get you into a little trouble with the security but how fun will it be to carry this around?


#5 Skull Pirate Ceramic Mug

If you’re one to love all things creepy, this skull mug is just what you need. The eerie skull is actually biting on a bone which makes it extra spooky. Nothing will make your coffee or tea  more interesting.


#6 Self Stirring Mug                          

This cup will leave you with one less thing to do in the morning – stir your coffee. Anything that reduces the amount of activity we have to carry out in the morning is a big ‘YES’ in our books.


#7 Minion Toothpaste Dispenser

So this one’s for kids but we feel us adults will enjoy this just as much as them. First off, it’s a Minion! Second, it dispenses toothpaste when you insert your toothbrush in its mouth. And third, it holds toothbrushes in either hand! Ordering this right away.


#8 Inflatable Hangout Air Sofa

Nothing like creating your own comfort is there? Whether you’re at the beach or in your living room, this inflatable lounge chair will give you just the right amount of relaxation.


#9 Voice control Water Tap Night Lamp

This funky water tap light is so cool in so many ways. Not only does it light up your room through what looks like a droplet of water, but can also be switched on and off with light clapping or a click of your fingers.


#10 Ceramic Middle Finger  Mug

This mug makes us so happy when we imagine serving coffee in it to people we don’t particularly like. Caution, it could get you in trouble with your parents.


With discounts upto 70%, all these unbelievable products are quite the steal. Head over to Bonzeal and shop now! 

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