10 Quotes By Albert Einstein That Will Inspire You To Be Better

Albert Einstein was a genius who believed that being a genius was nothing more than being incorrigibly curious. The iconic theoretical physicist changed the landscape of modern science by developing the Theory of Relativity. He was also the mastermind behind the world’s most famous equation, E =MC2. Starting out as an academically poor student whose abilities were always questioned, the prodigy’s life is nothing short of an inspiration.  Here are some quotes by the father of modern science that will put life into perspective and motivate you to become a better version of yourself.

If your better judgement says otherwise, do otherwise

ES10Being alone can be conducive to maturity


Lesser minds will always judge better minds


Try until you succeed


Learning never stops until curiosity dies


Book learning isn’t always ‘education’


Painfully relevant in our times


Know the difference


The only way to leave an everlasting impression on the world


Geniuses are often eccentric people deemed mad by our society


Before his 65th birthday, Einstein said, “What is there to celebrate? Birthdays are automatic things. Anyway, birthdays are for children.” 

Even so, Happy Birthday Albert Einstein, the world needs more individuals with your level of sophistication and intellect.

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