Rahul Dravid, as we all know, is the most persistent first-class batsman who has been part of India’s journey through the 90s and the 00s. He has garnered immense respect for being ‘The Gentleman of Indian Cricket Team’ for his hard work, dedication and love for the country and the game of cricket. A little known fact is that Rahul mentors any sportsman be it cricket or swimming. Here are a few of his quotes that motivate and inspire the young generation to keep moving towards achievement no matter what happens!

We all know that Sachin is the God of Cricket But …

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Since Cricket is known as the Gentleman’s Game,


When praises for his batting were just not enough


 Why he’s Mr. Dependable of the Indian Cricket Team

His camaraderie with the Prince of Port of Spain


Saurav and Rahul’s banter – an anecdote of their match-winning partnerships

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The man who has garnered respect from all quarters


The best mentor one could find

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The Australian opener speaks about the real aggression

How the most popular sports channel of yesteryear sums it up!


Hey Jammy, you’ve given us cricket’s most glorious memories and your persona will remain in our hearts for as long as cricket remains as a religion in India. On this 44th birthday, we at CashKaro wish you the choicest birthday greetings!

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