It is the first day, you walk into the gym and already feels like you don’t belong to the place. There is so much going on in every corner plus we all know the different kinds of odours in the air.

Every place has some defined rules which everyone should follow. When you are in the gym try to abide by these rules.

No Mirror Pictures/Selfies

First thing first, go to the gym, stretch your muscles and do your workout. Do not click pictures. I repeat do not click pictures.

Do Not Lift Up Your Tee in the Mirror Either

Trust me on this, it won’t impress the girl on the treadmill. She already judged you when you were busy clicking selfies.

Do Not Give Unsolicited Advice

No matter how pumped up your body is, do not give unwanted advice unless being asked for it.

Don’t Try to Start a Conversation Mid-Set

I know your friends call you a chatterbox and it is hard to keep your mouth shut but don’t even think about it.

Stay Clean and Smell Good

Have separate sets of tracksuit for the gym so that you can keep switching them every alternate day.

Do Not Shout or Scream Mid-Set

Lift weight that you can manage to pull off without making stupid sounds otherwise it looks forced and annoying.

Before You Lift, Ask

Before you unload the weight and set the bench or machine according to your routine, make sure no one else is using it.

Don’t Roam Around Equipment That Is in Use

Let’s not consider gym a park. Make sure you’re not hampering others routine just because you don’t want to do yours. Do not bother others with your absent-mindedness.

Put back Weights in Place after Use

Very often it happens, you will find dumbbell in the murkiest corners of the gym and keep wondering how it reaches there. It is understood that everyone has a favourite spot to workout but do not make it a hunt for others to find equipment.

Be a Little Polite to the Equipment

Be a gentleman and treat the gym equipment like you care. Do not just throw them in the aisle like you don’t need them again.

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