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Technology is the most powerful engine of change. At the dawn of the 21st century, Internet changed the world. With advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IOT), smart clothes and wearable devices are the next technological advancements that are changing how humans interact with their environment. These are the latest and the most innovative smart wearable devices that will help you lead a healthier life.

10 Innovative Smart Wearable Devices That Lead To A Healthier Life

1. Levis’s Commuter Jacket X Jacquard by Google

Levis’s Commuter Jacket X Jacquard by Google

Available at for $350

Levi’s has been fashionable for over 150 years now. So, when they launch a new line of clothing, you know its going to be good. But when you hear that Google has developed new tech and is woven into the jacket, you know its going to be absolutely insane!

The Levi’s Commuter Jacket X Jacquard by Google is a smart jacket that has pretty cool features. This jacket has been designed for getting around the city. A flexible snap tag containing tiny electronics connect your phone to the Jacquard Threads in the cuff of your Jacket. Here are all the cool features that accompany this smart wearable:

  • Customizable Gestures
  • Light & Haptic Feedback
  • Play Music
  • Bose Aware Mode
  • What’s Playing?
  • Find Your Phone
  • Current Time
  • Count
  • Places
  • Arrival Time
  • Next Direction
  • Calls & Texts Notifications
  • Uber & Lyft Notifications
  • Ping

2. Nadi X: World’s Smartest Yoga Pants

Nadi X: World’s Smartest Yoga Pants

Availabel at for $249

These are no ordinary yoga pants. These are the world’s smartest yoga pants. Nadi X bring together the comfort of yoga leggings with integrated accelerometers and haptic motors. Nadi X is able to detect your pose and with gentle vibrations it is able to guide your yoga session. Not to mention, the Nadi X is completely machine washable.

3. Lechal Shoe Insoles & Buckles

Lechal Shoe Insoles & Busckles

Available at for Rs. 14,500

This is the latest innovation in smart wearable devices developed by an Indian startup. There are two products that serve the same purpose essentially; Lechal Insole & Lechal buckles. These devices help guide you through the streets by using gentle vibrations and Google Maps to give you directions. They also act as a pedometer and have sensors that calculate other vital info like calories burnt and etc.

4. Vi Sense

Vi Sense

Available at for $ 149

Personal Trainer. Fitness Tracker. Headphones. The Vi Sense is all of it. For just $149 you get a virtual personal trainer in your ear learning by measuring your heart rate and other vitals to deliver a truly personalised work out. Vi, the virtual trainer will coach you through the beautiful sound of Harman/Kardon speakers. With 8hrs of battery life, you can use your Vi Sense all day to make calls, listen to music and more. As Vi updates their technology and introduces new features, it could easily become the next big thing. After all, an AI that knows how to keep you healthy is something everyone is going to want.

5. Interaxon’s Muse 2.0

Interaxon’s Muse 2.0

Buy at for $249

The Muse 2.0 is a multi-sensor device that feeds real-time feedback on the users brain activity, heart rate, breathing and body movement to aid and improve your meditative experience. Muse 2.0 returns real-time brainwave feedback that improves your focus. It can also be used for 5 hours continuously and has wireless connection (Bluetooth 5.0).

6. Owlet Smart Sock – For Babies

Owlet Smart Sock – For Babies

Available at for $239

This smart sock is the next step in childcare. The Owlet smart sock wraps comfortable around your baby’s foot and tracks heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep. This product allows parents to ensure their baby’s overall wellness. All information is sent directly to the Connected Care app.

7. Neuroon Open

Neuroon Open

Preorder at

Neuroon is the smarted sleep tracking device in the market. It measure brainwaves and has 3 dry, golden-plated electrodes, pulse-oximeter sensor and accelerometer. Neuroon also uses a combination of light, vibration and sounds to increase the users chance to have a lucid dream. The sleep mask also comes with the Neuroon Open App which is like the remote controller of the mast. It also gives you your sleep score and gives personalised sleep tips.

8. Lumo Run

Lumo Run

Available at for $326

Lumo Run is a smart wearable device that is designed to improving your running experience. The Lumo Run sensor captures vital information and sends it to your phone. You also get in ear motivation and guidance about how to improve your run.

9. Motiv Ring

Motiv Ring

Available at for @199.99

This smart ring functions as a 24/7 fitness tracker that counts steps, distance, heart rate, calories burned and monitors your sleep. This is an ultra-light Titanium ring that is waterproof and has a 3 day battery life.

10. LifeBEAM Smart Hat

LifeBEAM Smart Hat

Available at for $65

The LifeBEAM Smart Hat is an innovative product that aims to improve the users running experience. This cap measures heart rate, cadence, calories and other vital information. This info is then fed in real-time to your phone which can be used to analyse the effectiveness of your run. The cap has advanced optical sensors, requires no chest strap and has a dual module with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity. LifeBEAM also makes a cycling helmet that feeds back similar data to your phone.

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