10 Summer-Proof Beauty Essentials for Oily Skin

The amount of time you spend every day on your beauty routine is inversely proportionate to the weather outside. Come summers and the length of your beauty routine gets drastically reduced. Soaring temperature, rise in pollution and sticky humidity levels can be especially cruel if you have oily skin. Does that mean women with oily skin cannot look amazing in grueling summers? Of course not! Here is a list of 10 products which will help you fight the dog days of summer:


Wet wipes

Wet facial wipes are perfect for freshening up in mid-afternoon and removing light makeup too. Available HERE


If you skip on the best beauty secret which the MUAs swear by because of the greasiness concern, look no further than this Lakme 9 to 5 mattifying sunscreen. It is light-weight, non-oily and offers SPF 50. Available HERE

Mattifying Primer

Need help with extra shine? Start your beauty routine by applying this Revlon primer which lends a matte finish and controls oil. It also minimizes the appearance of pores. Available HERE    

Tinted moisturizer

Forgo heavy foundations for summer and opt for this Natio tinted moisturizer which is a lighter alternative. It is oil-free and provides medium coverage. It contains Tamanu and Neem leaf extracts to control breakouts. Available HERE


The compressed texture of a compact makes it a travel-friendly option for touch-ups during the day. This compact from L’oreal is enriched with a special mineral formula to keep makeup looking fresh for hours. Available HERE

Oil blotting sheets

Re-touching makeup using only powder is not just unhygienic but also pointless. It’s because you are using a sponge that is covered with dirt and oil. Use oil blotting papers to soak up excess oil before you re-apply compact. Available HERE

Pimple zap

Oily skin easily leads to acne flare-ups. Zap those zits with the help of this Kaya purifying spot corrector. This spot correcting treatment dries the acne and gives immediate results. Available HERE

Gel eyeliner

Eyeliner getting transferred to oily eye lids is a common problem in summers. Banish that by welcoming this amazing L’oreal gel eyeliner in your life. It glides on smoothly, lasts for hours and also comes with a brush! Available HERE

Smudgeproof mascara

Even if you aren’t wearing any makeup, you really can’t overlook the importance of mascara. It makes a huge difference in opening up your eyes. This waterproof mascara from Faces Canada will help you look pretty for hours without a smudge. Available HERE

Setting spray

Prevent makeup meltdown by using this Pro fixing spray from Makeup Revolution. Think of it as the last step in your beauty routine. Available HERE

Be it pool parties or rooftop meetings, these products will keep you looking gorgeous!


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