What’s life without music? We can’t even imagine that, can we? From cool Led Zep T-shirts to Metallica wrist bands, the head-banging millennials are a different league of trendsetters’ altogether. if you’re one of those who wear music as their personal style, these uber cool accessories are going to make you a rockstar in no time!

Mobile Phone Covers


Remember how Nirvana, Guns n’ Roses and Bryan Adams told us to carry our attitude wherever we go? Well, now you know what to do to be an obedient head-banging fan.

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Earphone Accessories


For all our metal heads listening to music on the go, storing and maintaining earphones is as good as keeping jewellery safe. So you might love to keep these earphone pouches and clips in their bags.

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Coffee Mugs


If you start your morning with your daily dose of … err, Jimi Hendrix and ‘cold November rain’, then this stuff is definitely for YOU. You can buy customized mugs at Bewakoof.com.



Love music and flaunting your feminine side too? Then these metallic neckpieces are just your thing! Whether finger rings or astoundingly beautiful neckpieces, musical notes are all it takes to strike the right chord!

Clutches and bags


Who doesn’t like to travel without showing their love for music? Talk about those stylish guitar bags and piano bags, much!

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Which ones are you going to take home? We’re waiting to know!

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