The essence of Shillong lies in the lush green pastures enveloping the Khasi hills and the crystalline blue sky kissing the mountaintops. The beauty of Shillong can’t be sufficed until you visit the paradise of North East India. Elevated at an altitude of 4908 feet, Shillong serves as the most visited hill station in north eastern India. Often called as the Scotland of India, Shillong is the greenest of the green lands in India which makes it one of the most tranquilizing places to visit.

Why Go There: Viewpoints | Scenic beauty
Ideal For: Honeymooners | Nature Lovers
Things to Bring Back: Handicrafts, wooden items, spices, winter clothing, souveniers and more

Here we have curated a list for you about the best things to do in Shillong.

10. Visit Mawlynnong

Want to visit the cleanest village in Asia? Then a day trip to Mawlynnong will be a perfect start to your trip when in Shillong. A small village located in the East Khasi district in Meghalaya is a wondrous creation by the humans. Having a literacy rate of 100%, this small village has often been documented about its uniqueness. We are sure the picturesque landscapes accompanied by the lively villagers will make you fall in love with this teensy village.

9. Walk in the Clouds at Mawsynram

Ever travelled to the wettest place on Earth? All you need to do is pack your bags and leave to this wettest place in the world known as Mawsynram. Located 65 km from Shillong this tiny village receives the highest rainfall on Earth. Touch the clouds at this panoramic place and breathe the fresh air that is bound to tranquilize your souls and your mind.

8. Visit the Shillong Peak

Gaze at the breath-taking city of Shillong from the top of a mountain that is going to soothe your eyes and your souls from within. Shillong Peak serves as the highest point in the city and visitors from around the world flock to the mountain top to view the astounding landscape. It is also a holy destination as every spring some rituals are performed at the top of the hill that makes it a must visit place for the worshippers as well.

7. Picnic at the Ward’s Lake

Shillong has a plethora of nature’s gifts, its time for you to check out the man-made offerings as well. A beautiful lake sitting peacefully amidst the lush green forests is an ideal place to go for an outing with your friends and family. You can also enjoy the show of water swirling in the air and row your way in a boat at the Ward’s Lake.

While visiting the Ward’s lake you can satiate your hunger at the cafeteria and also visit the Governor’s residence.

6. Camp at Umium Island

Get that adrenaline rush by visiting the Umium islands in Shillong. Experience the thrill by doing an array of exciting activities like rock climbing, zip lining, rappelling, joomering and more. Trek to some untravelled roads and sleep under the sheet of stars that will prove to be a wonderful escapade for you.

5. A Day Tour to Cherapunji

Experience the astonishing marvel of nature “the living root bridges” made from rubber trees at the breath-taking town of Cherapunji. Cherapunji has a plethora of springs, waterfalls, caves, and parks, so visiting them is mandatory when travelling to the tiny town. Appreciate the beauty of the Mawsmai lake, seven sister waterfalls and Thangkharang park which is bound to make you elated.

4. Kayak at The Umium Lake

Dive into the pool of excitement when you Kayak into the majestic waters of the Umium lake. Your adventure driven souls will feel satiated once you indulge yourself in this exciting sport. While you can also go swimming, angling, water sliding and cannoning in the lake.

3. Trek at the Umden Village

Sprawled with lush green trees, a trek to the Umden village is the best way to make yourself exhilarated. While trekking your way into the Umden village, explore the unique lifestyle of the villagers and savour some appetizing traditional dishes of North East India. You can also visit the rock garden and the vast expanses of tea gardens when you go for a trek to the Umden village.

2. River Rafting in Dawki

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then river rafting at Dawki is going to be the most amazing adventure for you. The strong currents and the sounds of the roaring water are bound to give you a thrilling experience. Book a tour to Dawki today and enjoy river rafting in the clear blue waters.

1. Visit the Sweet Falls

Cascading itself from atop a hill, the milky water of the Sweet falls will take your breath away with its heavenly beauty. These sweet falls are a hotspot for visitors and are one of the steepest falls in the country. Hearing the gurgling sound of the falls accompanied with chirping sounds of the birds will help you in tranquilizing your minds and souls.

Check out some other falls in Shillong that you can visit while travelling to the beguiling city.

  • Elephant Falls
  • Nohsngithiang Falls
  • Spread Eagle Falls

How to Reach Shillong

Flight | Train | Bus

Nearest Airport

Shillong Airport

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Nearest Railway Station:

Guwahati Railway Station (150 Km)

Nearest Bus Stops

Shillong is well connected with various states and town in the northeast. So you can book a bus and travel to the beautiful city of Shillong.
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Where to stay

Hotel Polo Towers | Hotel Gateway | Ri Kynjai | Pinewood Hotel
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