Every time a movie with Hrithik Roshan releases, we just wait to see the suave magnificence and elegant demeanor of India’s own superhero, the charm that was the answer to the likes of Iron Man, Man of Steel and well, The Dark Knight. But apart from being a valiant superhero with a message of peace and humanity in his heart, Hrithik Roshan has essayed some royal resplendence and strong roles that one would not oft expect from a chiseled hot-bod like that. So on his 42nd birthday, here’s a list of Hrithik Roshan’s best acts that speak of his unparalleled perfection.

Rohit in Koi… Mil Gaya

A mentally disabled son with unique supernatural powers would have been a challenge but Hrithik totally owned it and even won the Filmfare Award for the Best Actor, both for popular and critics section.

Altaaf in Mission Kashmir

One of the earliest complex characters to be played on-screen and that against the backdrop of Kashmir, Hrithik’s portrayal of a Kashmiri youth earned him affection and praises from all sections of audiences.

Aryan in Dhoom 2

A lightning performance as a thief and his drool-worthy dance moves with Aishwarya, this is what raised the bar for the YRF franchise.

Karan Shergill in Lakshya

How can we forget Hrithik’s determined portrayal of a soldier and his quaint romance with an outspoken journo. This movie was ahead of its times and quite impactful.

Ethan Mascarenhas in Guzarish

A biopic of a magician who’s forced to live on a wheelchair seeks to be euthanized – Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus revealed the actor par excellence in Hrithik apart from establishing him as the Greek God of Bollywood.

Jalaluddin Akhbar in Jodha Akhbar

The royalty and grandeur of the Mughals combined with the generosity and wisdom of Akhbar, Hrithik’s tall stature brought Akhbar alive in ways no one else could have!

Vijay Deenanath Chauhan in Agneepath

A remake of the original but set in the 2000s, Hrithik was the only one who could take the challenge of depicting the anger, strength and courage that Amitabh Bachhan owned in the original. Take a bow, Hrithik!

Arjun in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara

The investment banker who doesn’t invest in relationships and his romance with a spirited globe-trotter, Hrithik’s versatility had been established beautifully with his convincing nuances.

Rajveer Nanda in Bang Bang!

From flyboarding stunts to oozing sexiness in every frame, this movie had everything to make us dream day and night, especially after watching the title track video with Katrina Kaif.

How can we stop dreaming about his charm and aura when he has given us so much of awesomeness on screen?

Let us wish the superstar a super birthday !!

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