No matter how much time flies but a wrist watch is timeless. It has become a source of personal judgement for some people. Also, the size of your pocket is directly proportional to the swagger level. Many a times it happens, you suppress your desire for a good-looking watch because your budget doesn’t allow it. Are you constantly torn between a budget watch with international design and an expensive watch with adjusting features? Do not worry a bit! We are going to tell you about 10 watches from the brand- Timex, which are suitable for every budget.

Timex Watches Under Rs 1,000

1. Timex OMG Analog White Dial Unisex Watch- TWEG15421

Timex Unisex Watch - TWEG15421

Sport a casual look with Timex Unisex watch TWEG15421. Built with panache and a coat of great style factor, it comes with interchangeable nylon strap which you can choose for any occasion. The mineral water glass will protect the watch face from unwanted scratches. You can go about anywhere even in the rain as Timex TWEG15421 is water resistant. 

2. Timex Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch- TW002E114

Timex Analog Black Dial Men's Watch- TW002E114

Simplicity is superior just like Timex TW002E114. With leather strap and brass case, the watch is elegant and feels great on the wrist. Timex TW002E114 is water resistant and comes with a one-year domestic warranty.

Timex Watches under Rs 2,000

1. Timex Fashion Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch- EL03

Timex Fashion Analog Black Dial Men's Watch- EL03

If you’re looking for a watch which is durable and has ample amount of features, then you may want to check Timex Men’s watch EL03. The watch belongs to Fashion collection. It has a mineral glass and offers water resistance up to 100 meters. You can keep a track of day and date as well. Timex Fashion EL03 comes with a leather strap and one-year domestic warranty.

2. Timex Expedition Analog-Digital Unisex Watch – MF13

Timex Expedition Analog-Digital Unisex Watch - MF13

This timepiece is for adventure aficionados! With Time Expedition MF13, you can view time in both analog and digital format. The dial case is made from stainless steel and comes with a premium quality leather strap. The watch is water resistant upto 50 meters and can hold pressure of 10 bars. It comes with 2-years domestic warranty.

Timex Watches under Rs 3,500

1. Timex Expedition Analog Green Dial Men’s Watch- T49996

Timex Expedition Analog Green Dial Men's Watch- T49996

Timex Expedition T49996 has a really long life. It has all the features one look for in a watch. It is tough, classic, and comes from a multinational brand, Timex. The green colour dial and leather strap will give you a rugged look and it has water resistance upto 50 meters. It comes with 1-year domestic warranty from the company.

2. Timex Fashion Analog Blue Dial Watch- TW2P615006S

Timex Fashion Analog Blue Dial Watch- TW2P615006S

The Timex TW2P615006S is a premium watch with a retro look. The highlight is the elastic metal band which makes it effortless to wear and take off the watch. Say goodbye to lock clasp. It is available in three rich colours- Black, Blue and White. Timex TW2P615006S is 50m water resistant.

Timex Watches Between Rs 3,500 – Rs 5,000

1. Timex Multifunction Watch – TWEG14702

Timex Multifunction Watch - TWEG14702

Class has a name and it is called Timex TWEG14702. Even if you can ignore the latter part, it would still the talking for you. This multifunctional watch is for men who have a taste for beautiful timepieces. It has dedicated hands for date and day.

2. Timex E-Class Chronograph Watch – TWEG14901

Timex E-Class Chronograph Watch - TWEG14901

Timex TWEG14901 will take your date’s breath away. This timepiece is made for you to attend the boardroom meetings and royal weddings. With a price tag of Rs 4,135, Timex is offering you a chronograph watch with genuine leather strap and 2-years warranty. If you order it through CashKaro, you can earn Rs 414 as cashback. Means more power to you!

Timex Watches Above Rs 5,000

1. Timex Weekender Chronograph Watch- TW2P71500

Timex Weekender Chronograph Watch- TW2P71500

For a relaxed look, fancy the Timex Weekender TW2P71500. The watch comes with different options for nylon strap. It has a mineral glass for protection from dust and scratches. Timex weekender can resist water to 30-meters.

2. Timex Tide-Temp-Compass Chronograph Watch- T2N720

Timex Intelligent Quartz Compass Chronograph Watch- T2N720

For men who don’t like to compromise for anything less, Timex Tide-Temp-Compass is crafted for you. The timepiece is equipped with tide tracker, temperature sensor, and electronic compass. The watch is 100-meter water-resistant. Timex Compass chronograph watch comes with one-year domestic warranty.

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