Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka state that has earned multifarious monikers over time. The Silicon Valley of India is one of the fastest growing industrial belts in India. The city is a perfect blend of history and modernity. From palaces to national parks, forts to botanical gardens, and churches to temples, the city holds many architectural wonders. Located in the midst of this high tech industrial city are beautiful little gems that have stood the mars of time and are a testimony of past history. Enlisted below are some of the most famous churches of Bangalore.

Why Go There?  Spiritual reawakening| architectural marvel| amalgamation of history and modernity

Ideal For: Family trips| Solo Trips| Spiritual and theological quest| Photography fanatics

Trivia: The central tower of the Indian Institute of Science is supposed to have been modelled upon one of the famous churches in Bangalore. Read on to find out which church it is.

Things to bring back: Sandalwood incense sticks, oils and soaps | Mysore Silk saree & Kasuti Sarees | Chennapatna Wooden Toys

Churches in Bangalore: List of 10 Amazing Churches in Bangalore

Name of the Church          Address
    Hudson Memorial Church 21 Hudson Circle, Sampangi Rama Nagar
      Saint Andrew’s Church 27Cubbon Road, Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar
       The Holy Trinity Church M. G. Road
      Saint Mark’s Cathedral 1, M. G. Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar
      Saint Mary’s Basilica Msgr F Noronha Road, Shivaji Nagar
      Saint Paul’s Church 1 Jumma Masjid Road
      Saint Francis Xavier’s Cathedral St. John’s Church Road, Fr. Servanton’s Circle, Cleaveland Town
     Saint Patrick’s Church 15K Brigade Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar
      Saint Luke’s Church 1, Pampa Mahakavi Road, Chamrajpet
  East Parade Church 15 M. G. Road, Yellappa Garden, Craig Park Layout, Ashok Nagar


Churches in Bangalore: Complete Guide to the 10 Best Churches in Bangalore

1. Hudson Memorial Church

One of the oldest churches in Bangalore, the Hudson Memorial Church is a monumental building in the heart of the city. The construction of the church was funded by many eminent dignitaries, The Maharani of Mysore and Dewan of Mysore among them. Hudson Memorial Church was built in the 1900s by the architect J H Stephen and belongs to a denomination of the Church of South India. The church is built in the classical Gothic architectural style and is sure to catch the fancy of any passing traveler. The interiors of the church can house around 500 people at one go even today.

Distance from Pondicherry: 4 kilometers

Things to do at the Hudson Memorial Church:  Observe the intricate detailing of the mural that portrays the scene of nativity in Jerusalem. Also, observe the spectacular gothic detailing that went into the making of the church. Once inside, you can also view the altar from any corner of the church.

2. Saint Andrew’s Church

Saint Andrew’s Church was built in 1866 by Major Sankey and R C Dobbs. It formed a part of the Church of Scotland until more than a decade after independence when it broke off and came under the jurisdiction of the Church of South India (CSI), Karnataka archdiocese. The imposing and beautiful monument has a marvelous gothic architecture fraught with turrets, gables, parapets, crested towers and more. The church has a steeply arched roof adorned with Mangalore tiles. A tall stained-glass decoration of 25 feet adorns the place above the altar and has the painted depictions of Moses, King David, Saint Andrew, Saint Paul, Abraham, Saint John, and other revered figures. On the top is the depiction of Jesus Christ.

Distance from the Pondicherry: 1.8 kilometers

Things to do at Saint Andrew’s Church:  See the burning bush, alpha and omega symbol on the stained glass pane above the altar. Also, be on the lookout for the pipe organ of the church that was installed in 1881. The garden of the church houses more than 31 tree species which is a haven for migratory birds. Have a little nature walk or keep your eyes open for some bird watching

3.The Holy Trinity Church

The Holy Trinity Church was built in 1851 by the members of the East India Company for the British regiment that was stationed in Bangalore then. The church was originally known as Holy Trinity Garrison Pastorate and was renamed in 1965. The majestic church building is a famous landmark in Bangalore today. The building was built in the English Renaissance style of architecture and is the largest military church in the southern region of India. The murals on the walls of the church are exquisite to look at. A traveler can easily see the opulent columns of the church from the west side of M.G Road even today.

Distance from Pondicherry: 2 kilometers

Things to do at The Holy Trinity Church:  Admire the English Renaissance architecture of the church. Observe the Baptismal pond and the intricacies of the stained-glass pane that portrays the life of baptism of Christ that were brought in from London.

4. Saint Mark’s Cathedral

Founded in the year 1808, Saint Mark’s Cathedral is a monumental building located in the west end of M. G. Road in Bangalore. The church has been modeled on Saint Paul’s Cathedral London and designed in the colonial architectural style. The interior of the church has gracefully curving domes, exquisite chancels and beautiful Roman arches. The domes and arches are stately. The belfry of the tower holds one of the most well-maintained ancient bells in India. The church also has vibrant stained-glass work and intricate wood carvings that add to its splendour and glory.

Distance from the Pondicherry: 4.1 kilometers

Things to do at Saint Mark’s Cathedral:  Observe the architectural marvel that the church is with different architectural techniques that went into its making. See the age-old bible on the lectern, the lectern itself, the pipe organ which are all important relics of the church. Also see the stained glasswork, the elaborate woodwork and the bell that adorn the church.

5. Saint Mary’s Basilica

Saint Mary’s Basilica is one of the most ancient churches in Bangalore and the first ever church that was given the status of a basilica in the state. The church was consecrated in 1882 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It belongs to the Roman Catholic denomination and is thronged by many devotees from across the world for its imposing grandeur and the sacredness. The church is built in the Gothic architectural style with steeply sloping arches and an ornately decorated altar. Stained glasswork adorns the windows and beautiful motifs are artistically designed in the interiors of the church. The church also has columns carved with Corinthian capitals and monumental tall spires add to its glory.

Distance from M. G. Road: 1.4 kilometers

Things to do at Saint Mary’s Basilica:  Experience the Gothic style of architecture with monumental spires, carved columns and sloping arches. Attend the feast of Mother Mary on September 8th that is celebrated as Mother Mary’s birthday. You can also attend the Novena in the 9 days prior to the feast (from August 29th to September 7th)

6. Saint Paul’s Church

Saint Paul’s Church is one of the oldest and most renowned churches in Bangalore. The foundations for the church were laid in the year 1839.  In the erstwhile Mysore state, Saint Paul’s Church was the first ever Tamil Anglican Church. The church belongs to the denomination of the Church of South India (CSI). Made in the English Baroque architectural style, the church is a magnificent piece of art and history. The church has been renovated and its area extended several times during 179 years of its existence. However, the structure still looks as monumental as it must have been in the bygone era.

Distance from M. G. Road: 1.8 kilometers

Things to do at Saint Paul’s Church:  Witness the English Baroque aesthetics of architecture in the church with its domes, arches and an exquisite altar. Experience the calm and peace in the gardens of the church or get a spiritual boost by visiting the interiors of the church.

7. Saint Francis Xavier’s Cathedral

Saint Francis Xavier’s Cathedral is a monumental building that comes under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Bangalore. The flamboyant architecture of the church designed in blue and white exude the exuberance of the European churches. The church has huge domes that look heavenly with the lights at night and can be easily spotted against the skyline of Bangalore. The church also has two belfries with bells. The original church was made of granite and had its design as a holy cross. It was renovated after WWI and several renovations have been made to date. But the church still stands strong as a sheer genius of architecture.

Distance from M. G. Road: 3.3 kilometers

Things to do at Saint Francis Xavier’s Cathedral:  Observe European influence on the architecture of the church. Attend the Christmas vigil or Easter Vigil and then become a part of the celebrations that follow.

8. Saint Patrick’s Church

Saint Patrick’s Church is one of the oldest churches in Bangalore that is located in a bustling area called Brigade Road. The church was built in 1841 and belongs to the Archdiocese of Bangalore. The church has a gracefully arching entranceway with two belfries on either side.

The arches and the domes are supported by twelve pillars that are a symbolic representation of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. The church is adorned with exceptionally beautiful architecture and is thronged by many devotees. Recent additions to the church include a silent prayer hall called Adoration Chapel and Saint Anthony’s shrine that is on the right side of the main sanctuary. The church is supposed to have inspired the design of the central tower of the Indian Institute of Science.

Distance from M. G. Road: 1.2 kilometers

Things to do at Saint Patrick’s Church:  Visit the Adoration Chapel for some peace and quiet and pray or meditate there for a while. Also, visit the Saint Anthony’s shrine that attracts hundreds of devotees every day from all spheres of life.

9. Saint Luke’s Church

Saint Luke’s Church is famous for its interplay of Indian and western style of architecture. It is one of the most renowned churches in Bangalore that sees thousands of devotees every year. The church was founded in 1935 and belongs to the denomination of Church of South India (CSI) under the central diocese of Karnataka. The church has a wide facade made of pure granite and a central tower that surpasses a height of eighty feet. Beautiful stained glasswork also adorns the interiors of the church.

Distance from M. G. Road: 6.4 kilometers

Things to do at Saint Luke’s Church:  Let yourself submerge in the tranquil and divine aura of the church. Attend a morning and evening mass or become a part of the Christmas vigil and then bask in the revelry that follows.

10.CSI East Parade Church

Also known as the Wesleyan Cathedral, the East Parade Church is a modest church located on the eastside of M. G. Road. The church belongs to the Church of South India (CSI) and the denomination of Central Diocese of Karnataka. The church has a wide portico supported by high columns. The interiors are well decorated and the lawns outside are well maintained. Mass is conducted in two main languages: Tamil and Malayalam.

Distance from M. G. Road: 1.7 kilometers

Things to do at East Parade Church:  Attend the morning or evening mass conducted in the church if you are longing for spiritual rejuvenation. Witness the contemporary architecture of the church and enjoy the calm that the place exudes even after being situated amidst the bustle of a busy city.

 These are some of the best churches in Bangalore that have attracted tourists and locals alike over the centuries that they have stood. Whether a staunch devotee or not, these churches are sure to pique one’s interest for the sheer architectural geniuses that they are, the relics that they house and the history that they hold. When in Bangalore, make sure you visit some of these churches before you pack your bags for your hometown.


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