Hugely popular kids’ entertainment channels such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Hungama TV and Disney XD have been delighting children by coming up with interesting stories inspired from Ben 10 comics and Doraemon and Nobita, not to forget the evergreen Barbie movies being aired as prime-time movies on Nickelodean and Disney XD. These characters have now become children’s ideal characters and that’s why they crib for toy figures and game sets!

Here are some games your child will love as birthday gifts not only because they’re fun to play with but also because these help them develop many skills.

Doraemon Toys

604cf9c496ce010540e42592ce8cd355Doraemon is Nobita’s best friend, his rescuer for all troubles and his guide for everything Nobita loves to do, whether it is gifting flowers to Shizuka or busting away bullying Jiyaan. The cat robot, Doraemon, furnishes powerful gadgets to Nobita to help him in times of trouble. Doraemon toys have come in because of the massive interest kids have in this TV series.

Doraemon 2-in-1 Writing and Magnetic Dart Board – Blue

SDL309090324_1385118176_image2-19782This visually delightful play board has all the characters of the TV show on it – Shizuka, Jiyaan, Nobita and Doraemon, and captivates kids as they play darts on it or write with a marker on it.

Age: 4 years and above.

What your kid learns: Aiming, focus and counting numbers, writing letters.

Doraemon Alpha Numero Set – Blue


This board and pins pack is available in interesting colour schemes and builds interest among kids to learn numbers and alphabets.

Age: 3 years and above

What your kid learns: Learns forming words, spelling, pronunciation, counting numbers.

Doraemon Modelling Clay – Multicolour

Doraemon-Bonnie-font-b-Clay-b-font-font-b-Modeling-b-font-font-b-Clay-bDifferent colours of modelling clay fascinate children as they spend hours making temporary objects from the TV show or out of their imagination.

Age: 3 years and above.

What your kid learns: creativity, colour identification.

Ben 10 Games

4834898-7301673670-960.jTiny tots are glued to Cartoon Network to watch this intelligent boy, Ben Tenyson, usurp the powers of the evil forces in every episode. Ben 10 TV shows are straight out of Ben 10 Comics and involve various stories of Ben’s adventures with his wrist watch – the powerful Ultimatrix. If your kids are die-hard Ben 10 fans, you may like to check out the latest Ben10 Products Price.

Ben 10 Flash Cards (Number, Colour, Shapes, Opposites)

320763aYour tiny tots will love to hold these cute and stylish flashcards full of exciting Ben 10 graphics. This set of 48 cards will set the interests of learning numbers, colours, shapes and opposites just right.

Age: 3 years and above.

What your kid learns: colours, shapes, numbers, alphabets, words, develop memory skills

Ben 10 Omniverse – Ludo Slides And Ladders

51ISVJMw6uL._SX355_This snakes and ladders game is interesting for kids who love Ben 10 and explore his Omniverse as the game progresses.

Age: 5 years and above.

What your kid learns: logical thinking, presence of mind.

Ben 10 Mini Omnitrix – Omniverse

61a89213-27ab-4a26-96bd-dd851b277dd1_1.1b86fce9685946c3ad599e6b9ec47dd7This is the Ben 10 signature gadget that kids love to flash when they play with their friends. It is available in charismatic graphic prints and with an adjustable strap for fitting on the tiny toddler’s wrist as it grows up.

Age: 4 years and above.

What your kid learns: logical thinking, values like righteousness and courage.

Barbie Doll Sets

maxresdefaultThe iconic Barbie has made generations of women develop their fashion goals for life with the most beautiful Barbie dolls and play sets. The icing on the cake is that kids can watch her shows coming on Nickelodeon titled Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. So check out these cool new Barbie playsets and Barbie dolls online to gift your child the cutest birthday hampers!

Barbie Fashions & Accessories

816Uaq+3VUL._SL1500_Millions of women have Barbie dolls etched as the most gorgeous memories of childhood and this special set is all your cute princess wants most in her hands.

Age: 3 years and above.

What your kid learns: creativity with fashion, identifying real-life characters.

Barbie Pediatrician Doll Set

b22d9ad5-ae84-4a2a-a15c-053dbcafb39b_1.d827da35e1fa34695dc6ad492fa276b6This is a role-play game engages little girls for hours as they play cute games with their friends with a setup of going to the doctor.

Age: 3 years and above.

What your kid learns: gets used to doctor visits, builds curiosity over career goals.

Barbie Spy Squad Secret Agent

barbie-spy-squad-barbie-secret-agent-doll-nrfbThis new-age Barbie playset is designed to teach children that they’re their own hero – the one whose got beauty and brains!

Age: 3 years and above.

What your kid learns: styling and dressing up, awareness of physical moves like jumps, dives, kicks etc.

Superman Carrom Board

61C0yiYLF4LVisuals from the comic strips have now made their way to a sparking new carom board game – the Superman 4-player carrom board. Superman is one of the legendary superheroes whose stories have inspired more than three generations of adults. The ‘Man of Steel’ has abilities of heat vision, freezing breath, extrasensory and visual powers and durability because of his birth in planet Krypton.

Age: 3 years and above.

What your kid learns: develop hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and focus.

Cummon, be a sweet parent and bring home these smart playmates now!!
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