Who would have mused that 140 characters can be so contagious to get rid of. Twitter is the social media platform which made Alok Nath a sensation out of nowhere and proved Rahul Gandhi a very consistent & sincere nitwit. Believe it or not, 350,000 tweets are sent every minute in a day. That’s enough to fill a 10-million page book. Yes, that’s overwhelming!
There is everything happening at Twitter from baloney and conflict of opinions to blarney and showcasing talent. Where do you go for your daily dose of entertainment and inspiration? Don’t go anywhere, just follow these twitter handles because they know a tweet is enough to shake the world to its bottom.

10God- @thetweetofgod

What if I tell God is not just watching over you, he is also tweeting about human life struggles in a witty fashion? This twitter handle is exactly that. The bio reads, “done with you”. Picking up at everything from humour, irony and social issues, God certainly knows what tragedy human life is. With more than 2 million followers, God is only following one person- Justin Beiber. Let’s not judge him, he is God after all.


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