10 Unique Health Benefits of Peach Fruit - Nutritional Facts Included

“Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it.”

Alice Walker, Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology

A member of the rose family (Rosaceae), peach fruit is often used in the cosmetic industry to produce skin and hair products and many exotic fragrances. Native to China, these fruits are also cultivated in countries like Japan and other Asian regions, besides European and American nations. Laden with a high nutritional value, Peaches are said to be one of the 20 essential foods that help lead a healthy life.

Also known as ‘Persian Apples’, a name coined by the Romans, peaches have often been used in a lot of fruity dishes. Often confused with another variety of drupe (a fruit with hard stone) named nectarines, peaches are fuzzy fruits that can be found in the markets during summertime. While these fruits can be found in mainly two variants – the freestones and the clingstones, peach fruit has more than 700 varieties globally.

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Amazing Benefits Of Peaches

Peach Fruits are native to Northwest China, mainly between the north slopes of the Kunlun Mountains and the limited drainage Tarim Basin. While these were the places where peach fruit was domesticated and cultivated for the first time, an early European belief says that peaches were native to Persia (modern-day Iran) and hence its Roman name ‘Malum Persicum’ or ‘Persian Apple’. The word later became ‘pêche’ in French and was then anglicised to ‘peach’ in English. While these summertime fruits are very succulent, peaches require a chilly climate in their initial stages of bloom and then a significant summer heat to grow fully. Let’s check benefits of peach fruit in detail:

Peach Fruit Benefits & Uses

The scrumptious peach fruit contains many vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B6, and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, manganese, chlorine, iron and copper and accords benefits like:

1. Has Antioxidant Properties

With an increased radical-trapping antioxidant potential, peach fruit is said to possess antioxidant properties. This claim is backed by an October 2009 study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food. The study says that the peels and flesh of peach fruit from different cultivars has antioxidant potential and can provide health-promoting advantages to consumers.

2. Helps in Weight Loss

A September 2012 study named ‘Changes in Intake of Fruits and Vegetables and Weight Change in United States Men and Women Followed for Up to 24 Years: Analysis from Three Prospective Cohort Studies’ conducted by Public Library of Science states that fruits with high fiber and low glycemic load offer an increased weight loss effect on the human body.

3. Helps in Digestion

Being rich in fiber content, Peach Fruit helps in proper digestion. These fibers act as natural laxatives for our body, thus ensuring that the waste is eliminated from our bodies smoothly.

4. Hydrates Skin

While peaches contain many useful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids etc., that play a vital role in keeping our skin healthy, peaches also contain high water content which plays an important role in keeping our skin moisturized and hydrated.

5. Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

A study quoted in the ‘Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry’ states that peach (and plum juice) consumption protected against a combination of obesity-induced metabolic disorders including hyperglycemia, insulin and leptin resistance, dyslipidemia and low-density lipoprotein oxidation. Thus, by replacing sugary drinks with fresh fruit juice, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

6. Treats Inflammation

Being a rich source of Vitamin C, peach fruit helps treat chronic inflammation. As per a study titled ‘Anti-allergic inflammatory effects of cyanogenic and phenolic glycosides from the seed of Prunus persica’ by National Product Communications, the methanol extracts from Prunus Persica (Peaches) have anti-allergic inflammatory principles in this medicinal plant.

7. Enhances Immunity

Being a rich source of Vitamin A and C, peaches help enhance and regulate the immunity levels. Vitamin A and C are also known to boost immunity levels and regulate them.

8. Helps Prevent Cancer

A study listed in US National Library of Medicine titled ‘Polyphenols of selected peach and plum genotypes reduce cell viability and inhibit proliferation of breast cancer cells while not affecting normal cells’ says that selected stone fruit genotypes (peach and plum) can be added to the list of fruits with cytotoxic effects against breast cancer cells while not affecting normal cells. The polyphenols found in peach fruit and other drupes can positively hinder the multiplication of breast cancer cells.

9. Manages Cholesterol

Peaches are free of any cholesterol and are thus a healthy fruit. They also prevent excessive cholesterol that often results in chronic ailments like hypertension and High/Low Blood Pressure.

10. Helps Improve Bone and Teeth Health

It is a universal fact that calcium helps heal bones and maintains teeth health. A rich source of phosphorus along with calcium, incorporating peaches in your daily diet helps strengthen and improve bone and teeth health.

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Nutritional Value of Peach Fruit

PrincipleNutrient ValuePercentage of RDA
Energy39 Kcal2%
Carbohydrates9.54 g7%
Protein0.91 g1.50%
Total Fat0.25 g1%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Dietary Fiber1.5 g4%

Vitamins Value of Peach Fruit

PrincipleNutrient ValuePercentage of RDA
Folates4 µg1%
Niacin0.806 mg5%
Pantothenic acid0.153 mg3%
Pyridoxine0.025 mg2%
Riboflavin0.031 mg2.50%
Thiamin0.024 mg2%
Vitamin A326 IU11%
Vitamin C6.6 mg11%
Vitamin E0.73 mg5%
Vitamin K2.6 µg2%

Minerals Value of Peach Fruit

PrincipleNutrient ValuePercentage of RDA
Calcium6 mg0.60%
Copper0.068 mg7.50%
Iron0.25 mg3%
Magnesium9 mg2%
Manganese0.61 mg3%
Phosphorus11 mg2%
Zinc0.17 mg1.50%

Electrolytes Value of Peach Fruit

PrincipleNutrient ValuePercentage of RDA
Sodium0 mg0%
Potassium190 mg4%

Phyto-Nutrients Value of Peach Fruit

PrincipleNutrient ValuePercentage of RDA
Carotene-ß162 µg
Crypto-xanthin-ß67 µg
Lutein-zeaxanthin91 µg

Source: Peaches Nutrition facts

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Risks And Precautions When Consuming Peach Fruit

  1. Might Lead to Weight Gain: Peach Fruit helps in weight loss but if consumed in high quantities, the fruit may lead to weight gain instead of weight loss because of the high amounts of calories that may soon add up in your body. While the dietary fiber in peaches is responsible for keeping our stomach satisfied for long hours leading to weight loss, it is still advisable to eat this fruit in moderate quantities. If you’re already on a high-calorie diet the possibility is that the extra calories of this fruit can have a negative impact on your weight management plans.
  2. Excessive Dietary Fiber: While peaches help keep our digestive system healthy due to the presence of high fibre content in it, consuming too much fibre can hamper the absorption of nutrients by our intestines and might give rise to stomach problems like cramps, diarrhoea, constipation, intestinal gas and blockage.
  3. High levels of Phosphorus: Peaches are a good source of many minerals including Phosphorus, but you should avoid eating them if you’re allergic to Phosphorus.

How To Consume Peach Fruit?

A plump, succulent and fragrant peach fruit is good for consumption. You can have the peach fruit in any of the following ways:

  1. Cut them into tiny slices and eat
  2. Blend them with some yogurt or milk to enjoy a cool and flavoured beverage
  3. Use the pulp of the peach fruit for making desserts. Use the dried peels for applying on skin to keep it healthy and hydrated.

Include peaches as part of your daily diet by trying some lip-smacking recipes like peach pies or fruit salad that includes peaches.

Fun Facts About Peach Fruit

  • Kuahuqiao site has the oldest archaeological peach stones.
  • The mention of peaches can be traced as far as the 10th century BC in Chinese writings and was a favourite fruit of kings and emperors.
  • Peaches are often referred to as the “Fruit of Calmness” because they are known to reduce anxiety.
  • The aroma of Peach has demonstrated analgesic effects such as reducing the feelings of pain and lifting depression.
  • Peach mostly requires fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen and a constant water supply during the growth period.
  • You can easily ripen peaches by placing them in a brown paper bag for two to three days. Sliced fresh peaches can be prevented from oxidation by tossing them in lemon or lime juice.
  • August is said to be the National Peach Month.
  • Due to the huge amount of peaches grown in Georgia, the city came to be known as the Peach State.
  • The term, “You’re a real peach” originated from the tradition of giving a peach to a friend/person you liked.

A fruit that is often used as a flavouring ingredient in various dishes, Peach is laden with many benefits. From enhancing the texture of your skin to maintaining your cardiovascular health, eating peach can do wonders to your overall heath. Using this fruit in proper quantities can do miracles, however, keep a check on the quantity that you consume. Peaches are quite a versatile on-the-go snacks that require almost no preparation time. So, enjoy some peachy mornings by topping your pancakes or cold cereals with some slices of peaches!

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