As a sportsperson, you know the importance of good quality sportswear and gear. Quality is of utmost importance to any sportsperson and is essential to avoid injuries. Instead of searching high and low for an item ideal to your needs, shop for sportswear online.

Whether you’re looking for specialised shoes for a sport, quick dry apparel, or even suits for deep sea diving, these brands are the safest and best names in the industry.

Now buy sportswear online and find what you want with a couple of clicks. Don’t know where to look? Here is a list of some of the best websites to buy genuine and high-quality sportswear:


Decathlon is known across the sports gear and sportswear industry as one of the oldest and most reliable names in the world. Founded in 1976 in France, there are now over 1100 Decathlon stores in the world.

Decathlon stocks a wide range of sporting goods, from tennis rackets to advanced scuba diving gear. Decathlon owns over 20 brands with research and development facilities, making their equipment the best and most trusted sports brands in the world.

Shop with Decathlon for mountaineering equipment or fishing gear and you will be guaranteed quality with your product.

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Badminton Hub

Badminton365 is owned and operated by Sports365 and is India’s go to destination for Badminton. The company is a collaborative effort of experienced management professionals who share a passion for sports, leading Indian sports icons and industry experts.

Shortly after its inception, Badminton365 established itself as the most credible company in India with expertise in Badminton. Badminton365 offers the widest collection of badminton products available online. You can buy everything from rackets and shuttles to a new kitbag and strings, with Badminton365. The website and is credited with launching several badminton related services like stringing, racket selector, racket exchange program the first of their kind in India.

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Sports 365

Sports365 is India’s premier sports and fitness company. The brand is a result of the joint effort of management professionals, leading Indian sporting icons, and sports industry experts. Buy fitness equipment, shoes, cycles and even rackets with Sports365.

Sports365 is headquartered in Bangalore with offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, Meerut and Jalandhar. Soon after its inception, Sports365 took the pole position in the sports segment in India and has received several accolades and has been identified as one of the Top 50s start-ups of India.

Sports365’s aspiration is to usher a sporting revolution in India and to be the #1 port of call for sports and fitness needs of individuals as well as institutions.

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Columbia is an industry leader in outdoor apparel and products. Their focus is to make no nonsense products to keep adventurers warm, dry, cool and protected no matter what. The company is known to use cutting edge technology to produce the finest jackets, pants, fleece, boots and shoes. Columbia ensure that your attire doesn’t come in the way of enjoying the outdoors.

Buy jackets, fishing gear, gloves and anything you think you could possibly need with Columbia. They even offer products like water proof footwear and a range for people with larger frames termed Big and Tall and wide shoe footwear. Talk about taking care of your every need.

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1800Sports is an online sports goods company, based in Delhi, India. Over the last 7 years, the 1800Sports team has established itself as a leading online branded sporting goods retailer and distributor of sports, fitness and athleisure wear.
Believing in the best 1800Sports makes everything from at home gym equipment to professional grade equipment Their aim is to reinstate people belief in the goodness of exercise, sports and qualities of team spirit. They provide equipment for various sports like biking, running, swimming and weightlifting.

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Bata is a part of the Bata Shoe Organisation and India’s largest retailer and manufacturer of footwear in India. The company was first set up in 1932 in a town near Calcutta. Bata has a retail network of over 1200 stores, giving it a reach like no other footwear company in India. Bata stores can be found everywhere from metros to smaller towns.

Buy multi-purpose sports shoes or hiking shoes, all from the most trusted shoe brand in India.

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Sporto is Macho’s novice step in sports merchandise. Having served the country for last 65 years, Macho is a true Made in India initiative. Sporto nurtures a new culture for sports enthusiasts in India. Each product is designer, innovative and unique.

Sporto offers tees, tracks, capris and bermudas.  Sporto’s mission is to drive innovative merchandise for athletes everywhere. Designed for that awesome gym experience or a fun run, Sporto vouches for lightweight fabrics, which are easy to carry and maintain.

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PUMA is known across the globe as one of the world’s leading sports brands. PUMA has been producing the most innovative products for the fastest athletes on the planet for over 5 years. PUMA offers gear for different sports such as football, running and training. You can also buy golf, and motorsports equipment in PUMA.

PUMA distributes its products in more than 120 countries and employs more than 13,000 people worldwide and is headquartered in Germany. Their moto is to be brave, confident, determined and joyful as they create and play their sport.

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Reebok is popularly known as a global athletic footwear and apparel company. Reebok was created at a subsidiary of Adidas in 2005. The brand is best known for their fitness, running and CrossFit sportswear. It is also the official footwear and apparel sponsor for UFC, CrossFit and other events

Buy all your attire with Reebok. Be it shirts, tracks, or shoes and socks, Reebok is worth the money.

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Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and is among the largest names in sportswear globally. They manufacture shoes, accessories and clothes and are sponsored by celebrities all over the world.

Now shop online with Adidas for any sport. Be it basketball, training, running, football or other sports, Adidas has your back.

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