10 Weirdest Spa Treatments That People Actually Get

According to an age old legend, Cleopatra used to bathe in Donkey’s milk to keep her skin forever young. Presently, a number of such cringe-worthy techniques are used for spa treatments. Today, we delve into a few of these weird spa rituals.

Snake Massage

Lay down for a soothing massage and have slithering snakes poured all over your body. Apparently, it’s a deep, soothing massage which is great for joint pain and muscle tension. FYI – The snakes are non-venomous.


Now slithering in Israel

Snail Spa

As if snakes weren’t enough, this technique entails snails sliding across your face slathering it in slime. This slime is supposed to have anti-aging serums that rejuvenate your skin.


Bask in the Slime in Russia and Japan

Salt Caves

This is a more popular technique which involves simply sitting in a room (or cave) with walls covered in salt. Why do this? It cures a host of diseases like cold, insomnia, anxiety and asthma.

Experience the saltiness in Chicago

Face Slapping

Paying money to get slapped might sound ridiculous but professionals promise it reduces wrinkles and shrinks pores. The treatment also involves pinching and boxing.


Get Beaten Up For Beauty in San Fransisco

Bird Crap Facial

Brighten and heal skin with a completely natural ingredient devoid of chemicals – bird poop. They say it makes the skin soft and smooth. We say – EW!


Shit Happens in Japan!

Beer Bath

Now this we can get on board with. Not just a rough day, beer can help with rough skin too. Hop into a barrel full of beer and soak while you sip. It exfoliates your skin, removes dead skin cells, improves blood circulation and tastes yummy.


The Czechs Love their Beer (Spas).

Gold Facial

This isn’t as weird as it is opulent. A liquid sheet of 24 karat gold is applied to your face and works wonders on dull, aging skin.

Royal Relaxation is a Rampage in the US

Placenta Facial

Always wanted baby soft skin? Here’s your chance. Hydrate your skin with purified human placenta and try not to barf.


Plenty of Placenta in Switzerland

Bull Sperm Spa

Say goodbye to frizzy or brittle hair by applying loads of bull sperm. It is said to be packed with protein which is an essential ingredient in hair care.


Visit London to Splurge in Sperm

Snake Venom Facial

And we’re back to snakes. This time round, we use just the venom and rub it on the face. It is a Botox alternative and will help you avoid the syringes.


Poison Massage is all the Rage in Beverly Hills

So, what’s it going to be – snakes or snails or sperm? Tell us in the comments!

Sunakshi Mehta
Sunakshi Mehta

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