11 Beauty Mistakes That Cause Acne and How to Fix Them!

Waking up a day before the big event and gasping after looking at the mirror to find a pimple on face is something no one looks forward to. But the truth is that we all have fallen victims to the last minute breakout. Maybe, the answer lies in our beauty habits and not in hormonal changes.

Some beauty habits do more harm than good. It becomes worse if you suffer from acne and follow a beauty routine which is unexamined. Find out if your makeup, eyeglasses or skin care products have been causing breakouts. Also, find out how to fix them!

Nose pimples

Nose pimples are mostly a result of eyeglasses/sunglasses that have accumulated dirt. The pressure from the glasses clogs the pores which causes pimples.

Solution: Clean your glasses on a regular basis. Use water and a gentle cleanser to wash them. You can also use cleaning wipes to keep bacteria at bay.

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Over-drying skin

People who have oily acne skin rely on using harsh cleansers to wash their face. But those harsh cleansers strip off every moisture bit from face leaving the skin extra dry and stretchy. This triggers more oil production which makes you wash face frequently and making it even drier.

Solution: Use a mild and alcohol-free cleanser according to your skin type.

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Not changing pillowcases

The dirt and oil lurking on your pillowcase will transfer directly on your skin, causing acne.

Solution: Wash your pillowcases every alternate day to ensure you are not resting your face on dirt and grime. If you sleep with oiled hair, put a clean towel on your pillowcase to stop the oil from traveling to the pillowcase.

Dirty brushes and sponges

Do you know what happens when you use dirty brushes and sponges? The bristles loaded with dirt and bacteria blend the products right into your skin and also, contaminate your makeup.

Solution: To ensure that your makeup brushes and sponges are not giving you pimples, give them a bath every 2-3 days.

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Not removing makeup

This is one beauty mistake which you have been told about time and time again. Sleeping with makeup clogs your pores which hold on to bacteria resulting into breakouts.

Solution: No matter how much tired you feel, you must remove makeup at the end of the day. Follow up with a toner to remove any leftover dirt.

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Not caring to check labels

Repeat this: Different skin types need different product formulas. If you have any oily acne prone skin, using products which aren’t non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, oil-free and hypo allergic will only worsen the situation.

Solution: Always read the product descriptions and try at store before you make a purchase. In case of skincare products, do a patch test at home after you have checked the labels.

Forgetting moisturizer

Many oily-skinned people are under the misconception that moisturizer is their enemy. Not using moisturizer will only trigger your dehydrated skin to produce more oil in order to compensate. This is the reason why your skin feels oily even after not using one.

Solution: Opt for a water-based and oil-free moisturizer to hydrate your skin without making it look greasy. Water based moisturizers are light-weight in texture and blend in completely.

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Using harsh scrubs

In an attempt to shed away the dead layers of your skin using unforgiving scrubs, you might just be welcoming pimples on your face.

Solution: Dump abrasive scrubs that contain hard granules and go for gentle exfoliators.

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Ignoring ‘bacne’

‘Bacne’ refers to back acne. Since the pores on your back are larger as compared to your face, they are more likely to get blocked.

Solution: Invest in a quality body scrub as well as a body brush to scrub your back easily.

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Re-touching makeup the wrong way

When your face gets oily by mid-day, the first thing you do is pull out your compact from your purse and press the powdered sponge in order to take away the excess shine. This not just results in a cakey face but is also unhygienic. Also, it blocks pores which generate acne.

Solution: Use an oil blotting sheet to soak away excess oil before you touch-up using powder.

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Waiting for acne to happen

Do you wait for acne to attack your skin to get out of your lazy mode and take steps to control it?

Solution: Instead of reserving special acne treatment only on days when you get it, make it a habit to adopt a skincare regime meant for your skin type on a daily basis. This proactive approach will reduce the frequency of your acne and keep your skin in a much better shape.

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