The 3rd Sunday of every June marks the day when we make our beloved fathers feel special. Dads spend their years of hard work fulfilling every wish that their children have, bringing home the coolest of gifts each year for birthdays and special occasions. Father’s day is one of those special opportunities that young boys and girls take to send their fathers a note of thanks and surprise them with a bundle of beautiful gifts. So dear boys and girls, for this father’s day we’ve picked up some useful items that you can gift to your dad and make him feel wonderful not just for today, but for the lifetime ahead.

One for the Corporate Dad

We’ve grown up watching our fathers working round the clock, talking with business partners, clients, scheduling and attending crucial meetings, and so on. They’re well past their prime now but are still moving ahead with an incredible spirit. You could gift them this all-in-one Samsung Galaxy Tablet E, which Amazon is delivering on a 1-day and 2-day basis.


This tablet has a 3GB RAM, 3G+Voice Calling GSM SIM slot and wireless functioning capabilities, and works on Android OS. If you want to tell your dad how much you value his time, this tab will definitely do it for you.

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One for the Dad Who Loves Fine Sound Quality

Just like you spent your college days blending with pop culture, your dad would have also spent his college days listening to music from every corner of the world. But for him, it was only traditional radio sets and television sets that were available. Now, top quality speakers and sound systems have come in and one of the most spectacular sound systems we have is the Bose Solo 5 Soundbar Speakers.


At a humble price of Rs. 22,050, this surround sound speaker is all you need to tell your father to relax at home in the ambience of beautiful music.

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One For The Dad Who Has A Travelling Job

We have seen what a tough time our dads have had when they’re trying to finish work in between flight schedules. Many a time, they’ve also travelled in flights for long hours, which made it difficult for them to get proper sleep. Wouldn’t it be a special experience for your father if you gifted him a travel pillow that he could use for his trips ahead?

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To make it even more comforting, you could also gift him a brand new recliner that he could rest on after his business trips.

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One For Dad For The Family Dinner

One of the most special occasions Father’s day calls for an awesome family dinner. And for that, how about you wow your dad with a signature shirt in the colours that he loves. Gift this shirt by Arrow in classic blue hues and see your dad glow with happiness.


Choose ones in pastel shades or ones in denim fabric, whatever you choose just make sure you make him look dapper and make him feel young!

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One For Dads Who Love Keeping Track of Time

Dads are always on the go, they go to the gym and then to work, go for business meetings, conferences and so much more. With such a hectic schedule, it’s often that we see them checking the time. So when you gift them useful items like wall clocks that showcase our feelings for him, it really delights him every time he looks at the time.

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54gggYou could also surprise your dad with a brand new Timex timepiece. This has a heavy-duty battery and what’s more, it’s water-resistant up to a depth of 30 metres!

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One For Dads Who Love House Parties

After a week full of meetings, work and hectic schedules, dads look forward to having parties at home where they can enjoy their time with their friends. These family parties call for happy times and high spirits for which whisky glasses are quite the need. So make these celebration times count with an amazing set of whisky glasses that your dad will like to use regularly at home.


These 6-piece glass sets from Pasabahce are good for all beverages and have sturdy designed so that they won’t break easily.

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Apart from these gifts, you can also pick up some of these amazing gift sets for telling that how important he is for you.

Best Dad Printed Cushion – This printed blue cushion says what you always wanted to tell your dad but didn’t tell him in a long time. Soft, bright and totally meant to be hugged, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t pick this adorable cushion.

Mug + Keychain + Coasters set – Giftsmate’s unstoppable collection for father’s day has everything you want to pick and make memorable moments with your Papa.

Super Awesome Dad + Son T-Shirts – This twin pack is just right for you to grab a drink with your dad. Make the most of it today 🙂

So which ones are you gifting your dad?



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