11 Looks Of Ranveer Singh That Made Us Go ‘Dude What Was He Thinking’

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He might be the boisterous boy with a ‘doesn’t give a damn’ attitude but he cannot pull everything off. The high on energy, high on charm Ranveer Singh has made many a fashion faux pas in the name of quirk.

Here are 11 instances when Ranveer’s outfits had us cringe with fashion induced horror.


The latest and probably most eccentric was this layered onesie/body condom. He wore this (we don’t know what to call it) at Shahid Kapur’s birthday bash and made fans question their judgment. We must say his confidence is pretty impressive for a guy dressed as sperm.


2 Ranveer-Singhs-Outfit-Girls-Dress.jpg

A classic case of ‘From Riches To Rags’. Even after hours of pondering we fail to answer two questions – a) What exactly is this? And b) How can anyone step out like this?


3 ranveer singh wearing funny clothes

Seriously what’s with the dresses, Ranveer? We’re all for the freedom of dressing as you please but this monstrosity is straight out of a fashion horror movie.


Did he really appear on a red carpet in a skirt? *Facepalm*


5 Print-on-print

If you always wanted to know how NOT to wear print on print, Ranveer gave a free lesson at Piku’s success bash. This is a good way to piss off your girlfriend.

6 ranveer singh mario outfit

We think that when you decide to step out in a Mario costume and it’s not Comic-Con day, you really need to question your life choices. Why??

7 ranveer singh funny outfit

This is not okay unless you’re attending a Spongebob Squarepants themed party. The quirkiest man on earth was definitely not.

8 Ranveer singh funny look

The first look will make it seem like this is another skirt. Wrong. It’s culottes. But, does this make it a better look? *Screams No*


At this point, we’re pretty much exasperated. Muppets pajamas. Sylvester slippers. At the GQ Best Dressed Men Awards. Need we say more?

10 IDK

To be honest, we don’t understand this outfit enough to comment on it. If we look closely, it seems like a kurta with an awfully structured pajama and a poorly designed blazer. But why?



11 ranveer singh fashion fail

This just hurts the eyes. Another classic print on print fail. And layering fail. And hairstyle fails. And accessorizing fail. He’s rocking those Nike shoes though.


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