Google Tricks and Hacks

Google is without any doubt the biggest search engine in the world. The user-friendly algorithm of Google evolves continuously to bring the best search results and features to users. Though you might have been using Google from anything to everything, there are a few handy tricks you might have missed out.

Here’s an exclusive coverage of 12 Awesome Google Tricks you might have never known!

1. Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer - Google Tricks

There is a countdown timer that comes with Google Search. To access the timer, type ‘Countdown Timer’ on Google Search Bar and hit enter. A simple timer will appear where you can set countdown time for alarm. There is also a stopwatch that comes with the Countdown Timer. Google plays a repeating *beep* sound at the end of countdown.

2. Flip a Coin

Flip a Coin - Google Tricks

Want to let fate decide a course of action? With Google you don’t need a coin to toss in air. Simply type ‘Flip a Coin’ and hit enter. You get a virtual coin which can be flipped. Check it out!

3. Google Gravity

Google Gravity - Google Tricks

Google Gravity is a popular trick on Google that is a little fun as well. Search for ‘Google Gravity’ and hit on “I’m Feeling Lucky”. You will be taken to a page where Google objects come down due to the force of gravity. It’s pretty interesting. Try it!

4. Google Sky

Google Sky - Google Tricks

This isn’t a trick but is super-interesting. A travel to the sky in between stars is assured when you search ‘Google Sky’ and hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option. Just sit back and enjoy the view.

5. Google in 1998

Google in 1998 - Google Tricks

Wanna know how vintage Google looked like? Type in ‘Google in 1998’ and hit the enter key. You will be transported back to 1998 to have an exclusive look of the old Google!

6. Google Tilt

Google Tilt - Google Tricks

See the Google results titled to one side by typing ‘Tilt’ on Google Search and hitting the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. You will see Google incline at an angle.

7. Distance Between Cities

Distance Between Cities - Google Tricks

It is easy to find the distance between two cities by using Google. Type ‘Bangalore to Chennai’ to get the distance between the two cities along with the time estimation through different modes of transport.

8. Play a Guitar

Guitar - Google Tricks

Now you can play a guitar by simply moving your mouse pointer around. Type ‘Google Guitar’ on Google Search Bar and click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. A virtual guitar opens up for you which can be played by moving your mouse.

9. Sunrise and Sunset times

Sunrise and Sunset times - Google Tricks

A very useful option for travellers, Google lets the user know the sunrise and sunset times by typing Sunrise/Sunset followed by the name of the city. For example, ‘Sunrise New Delhi’ will give the time of sunrise at New Delhi.

10. Google Sphere

Google Sphere - Google Tricks

Another fun activity which you can try on Google. Type ‘Google Sphere’ and hit the enter key. Click on the first result that appears on the results page. You will be into Google which forms a ball of sphere that rotates the links around.

11. Blink HTML

Blink HTML - Google Tricks

This cool feature makes the word ‘HTML’ blink in all search results. Type ‘Blink HTML’ on Google Search bar and hit the enter key. Watch the results!

12. Pacman on Google

Pacman on Google - Google Tricks

Everyone loves playing Pacman. The all-time popular game is available when you type ‘Google Pacman’ on Google Search Bar. Click on the thumbnail that appears first to play the game. Happy Pac-ing!

Wait…there are more exciting tricks added regularly as Google tries and tests new features. We’ll keep you updated on it, as and when it comes!

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