We know pangs of hunger can strike at any time and when you are in Delhi it might happen quite often. From street food to the most elaborate continental and international spreads, everything is available in Delhi. The best part is that you needn’t even step out of your house to savour these delicacies. Why go outside when food can be served at your home. We bring you a curated list of the best sites to order food online in Delhi. Check them out and relish the sumptuous fare on offer.

1. Box 8

  • Cost for Two: Rs.500 (approx.)
  • Our Pick: All in One Meals, Parantha Wraps

Want an all in one meal box? Order from Box8 and get a convenient meal box delivered at your doorstep. Its tasteful ingredients and freshness are bound to satiate your hunger. Choose from their authentic curries, biryanis, salads, sandwiches, paratha wraps, fusion box, deserts and more.

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2. ChaiPoint

  • Cost for Two: Rs.200 (approx.)
  • Our Pick: All in One Meals, Parantha Wraps

India is changing its way of drinking Chai with its Chai Cafes. Most of the youngsters are now flocking at places like ChaiPoint. This exciting Chai place not only delivers chai but some scrumptious food like vada pav, sandwiches, different varieties of Maggi, and milkshakes.

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3. Dunkin Donuts

  • Cost for Two: Rs.600 (approx.)
  • Our Pick: Dunkaccino, Death By Chocolate, Heaven Can wait Burger

We all have a sweet tooth, so ordering food online from Dunkin Donuts will give your taste buds an amazing experience. The doughnuts are filled with melting chocolate which is a great way to give yourself a treat.  While relishing doughnuts, you can also taste some wraps, toasties, value meals including burgers, coffee and snacks.

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4. Faasos

  • Cost for Two: Rs.600 (approx.)
  • Our Pick: Jumbo Chicken Biryani, Salsa Wrap

Savour some amazing delicacies by ordering on Faasos. Serving hundreds of varieties of dishes, Faasos has become our go-to online food ordering website. From breakfast to Dinner, Faasos has everything in store for you. Order from a great range of Chinese, South Indian, rice and biryanis, wraps, meal boxes and desserts.

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5. FoodPanda

  • Cost for Two: Rs.500 (approx.)
  • Our Pick: Fast Food, North Indian, Italian

Order food from India’s most convenient online food ordering site and fill yourself with some scrumptious food. FoodPanda has some of the most amazing restaurants under its umbrella, so ordering from a range of worldwide cuisines is bound to make you elated. The tasteful dishes are a great way to plan a party in Delhi or just eat on a regular day.

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6. FreshMenu

  • Cost for Two: Rs.600 (approx.)
  • Our Pick: Chicken Sandwich, Hot Pot, Salads

Eat some of the freshest delicacies by ordering from FreshMenu. They will offer you some of the best flavours that will make you go gaga. From rajma chawal to Mac n Cheese, FreshMenu has everything in store for you. If you are on a diet, then try its Fit N Fab Menu which includes some mouth-watering baked dishes and salads.

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7. InnerChef 

  • Cost for Two: Rs.500 (approx.)
  • Our Pick: Salads, Rolls, Buttermilk, Pasta

InnerChef believes that the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. So, it always on a mission to make amazing food. Believing in the freshness of food, InnerChef has a wide variety of foods ranging from ready to eat meals, gourmet experiences, detox cleanses, healthy eats and heavenly desserts.

Order from Innerchef and get amazing discounts on your online food order.

8. Mojo Pizza

  • Cost for Two: Rs.500 (approx.)
  • Our Pick: Crowded House, Spicy Paneer Pizza, Paneer Tikka

Who doesn’t love pizzas? Yes, we all do. Mojo Pizza offers you doubly loaded pizzas with some amazing toppings. The pizzas will make your heart melt when you see the cheesy slices loaded with toppings. Savouring the sides like garlic bread will make your pizza treat even better. Ordering a chocolaty dessert with your loaded pizza is a great way to celebrate.

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9. Pizza Hut

  • Cost for Two: Rs.700 (approx.)
  • Our Pick: Pan Pizzas, Spicy Chicken Pizza, Garlic Bread

The love for Pizzas is endless, so ordering from Pizza Hut is the best thing to do when hunger strikes. The ultimate king of pizzas is definitely Pizza Hut which has been serving us some lip-smacking dishes. It gives us value for money with its cheesy pizzas, sides, pasta, desserts and value meals. Its hand-tossed pizzas are one of the best you can find in Delhi, so order now!

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10. Swiggy 

  • Cost for Two: Rs.500 (approx.)
  • Our Pick: Indian, Continental, Chinese

Having unexpected guests? Order food online from Swiggy and become the best host your guests could ever have. With numerous restaurants, food joints, and dhabas under itself, you can now order anything from Swiggy to satiate your hunger. From a varied number of cuisines, make your tummy happy as ever with the best tastes on Swiggy.

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11. Zomato

  • Cost for Two: Rs.500 (approx.)
  • Our Pick: Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai

Zomato has been taking India by storm with its 1.2 Million restaurants and 120 Million foodies. When in doubt order from Zomato and relish savouring those fine dishes from some of the best restaurants. It has changed the whole online food ordering process in India and has been delivering hot, fresh and scrumptious dishes. Name a dish and find it on Zomato, so it has become a perfect hideout for foodies.

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12. Behrouz Biryani

  • Cost for Two: Rs.650 (approx.)
  • Our Pick: Dum Ghost Biryani, Vegetable Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Mint Raita

Biryani has been solving our hunger blues, so ordering online from Behrouz Biryani is a great way to satiate your hunger. Behrouz Biryani comes right from the city of Nizam’s – Hyderabad. With a blend of authentic flavours and freshness, Behrouz Biryani must be your next go-to place for Biryani. From vegetarian to non-vegetarians, Behrouz Biryani has everything for everybody. Order now!

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