We all have our ways of playing with the language. One of the most interesting ways of making written communication more impactful and entertaining is by using an oxymoron. An Oxymoron is a figure of speech where two contradictory terms are combined together to give a rhetorical/ironic effect. It helps in creating funny titles, add dramatic effect, and improve the flavor of speech. Have a look at these examples of oxymoron which will make you think twice and funny at the same time.

Original Copy

Original copy (1)

Living Dead

living dead

Pretty Ugly

pretty ugly

Deafening Silence

deafening silence

Painfully Beautiful

painfully beautiful

Run Slowly

run slowly

True Myth

true myth

Heavy Diet

heavy diet

Clearly Confused

clearly confused

Plastic Glasses
plastic glasses

Clearly Misunderstood

clearly misunderstood

Happily Married

happily married final

What a fine mess of words!

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