What happens when the stand-up comedian turned Bollywood biggie lands up at Karan Johar’s infamous couch? Well, laughter off-course and yes, tantalizing entertainment as well. This season of Koffee with Karan was, as they say, ‘thoda sa thanda’ in terms of the gossip it usually sparks off every season, but last Sunday night … Karan Johar himself was bowled over with Kapil’s reactions to, well… many of his questions. That’s why, we thought of compiling the most tantalizing moments from last Sunday’s edition of Koffee with Karan.


For starters, both Karan and Kapil looked dapper in their designer suits exuding sophistication and finesse and Kapil’s blue number seems to compliment the comedy king’s personality quite well.

#1 The moment we felt the sweet comedy guy had just arrived!

Even before the conversation could start, Kapil blurted “I thought this is a prank and I couldn’t believe you invited me to your show” and then he made it clear that “My English is over, so can we please speak in Hindi”.

ezgif.com-crop(1)_636243498608450569Obviously Karan had to oblige, but just after a few gnawing laughs. Then came the confession:

“I have only 700 words in my dictionary”.

#2 When Kapil revealed the story behind his love for SRK

Karan had just begun asking his usual questions, with a special curiosity for Kapil’s much speculated equations with the big Khans!


Kapil continued “Woh meri sister thi jiske liye hum Mannat par pics khichne chale the”, following with the ‘gate-crashing at Mannat, and spending a good two and half hours there’ story.

We understand your point, Kapil. “Gate khula tha, toh hum andar chale gaye!

#3 When Kapil Sharma came out with some useful “free” advice.

Karan scooped out a moment to ask the witty comedian “What really happens at 4AM that makes you feel you have to Tweet?”

Kapil played it silly with “Actually, 4AM bada spiritual sa time hota hai”.

This definitely tickled Karan’s cheekbones right away, for which he had to say “Toh aap jab spiritual hotein hai toh aap Narendra Modi ko Tweet karte hain?

So Kapil said, “Just like ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’, I’d like to say ‘Don’t Drink and Tweet!!”


Goofballs much, eh!

#4 When Kapil Sharma couldn’t resist not talking about his crush on Deepika Paduone

Karan’s curiosity hadn’t met with its answer yet. Hence, he was blatant “Koi girlfriend hai aapki? Someone you love, admire and want to date or marry?”.

Kapil obviously had to publicly profess his love for Deepika. Karan commented “That’s just a celebrity crush.” To which Kapil Sharma vehemently responded “Toh sir, kya main auto chalata hu?”.

Only Deepika can answer that I guess!


Karan, perplexed with the connection and the reasons behind the choices, asked him “Why?” to which Kapil happily said “Narendra Modi ji and Arvind Kejriwal can keep fighting over who did what, and I can ‘spend some quality time’ with Deepika”.

Wonder what Deepika must have felt after this!

#5 That point of discomfort for Kapil when KJo asked him about why he wanted to kill Priyanka Chopra.

Karan asked the same-old Rapid Fire round question to which Kapil Sharma seemed to have some original answers.


Then Kapil revealed his displeasure for Priyanka because “she’s doing so many romantic movies with the foreigners, I mean humare desh ke ladko mein kya kharabi hai?”

#6 When Kapil Sharma was blatant about his thoughts on on-screen intimacy

At this point, we as viewers can laud Karan for having made Kapil feel the most comfortable on his couch!

#7 When Karan was point-blank with his questions on Kapil’s sex life

Karan proceeded to his infamous ‘privy but not so privy’ questions … to which Kapil responded as earnestly as he could. Then Karan dropped the bomb –

“What do you do for sex?”


Kapil Sharma, feeling awkward and overwhelmed at the same time took 2 seconds to compose himself and said “Why are you asking? Is this Koffee With Karan or Something else with Karan!”


Well, Kapil may be the king of comedy in India but no one can escape Karan’s pot-shots on his show!

#8 When Kapil accepted that he was double-minded and confused!

KJo’s inquisitiveness is unbeatable but Kapil Sharma looked prepared to answer questions on marriage, at least sort of! So when Kapil was asked about his marriage plans, he said “Meri Ma ka bas chale toh kal hi kar lu”.


Kapil Sharma may not like talking about sex but he’s quite bold about his other attributes.

#9 That moment of redemption for Kapil Sharma when he could do the ‘sensual dialogue’ in English


Seems like Kapil has a fetish for closed ‘windows’ and not closed doors! 😛

#10 The time even Karan was stumped by Kapil Sharma’s genuine commentary over the English bias

Kapil Sharma is a fervent speaker of Hindi who had no qualms confessing on the show that he’s inefficient in speaking in English.


At last, he found the space to express his no-nonsense comments on why no girl ever says that “My English is not good” with the same zest as they say “You know my Hindi is not so good”.

#11 When Kapil Sharma openly shared his feelings about women.

Kapil Sharma on KWK is as wild as you would like it!

#12 The advice to a certain actress that had even KJo awestricken.

No points for guessing who the woman is, but the comedy badshah looks like he’s always wanted to say this to Kangana whether she’s ready to listen or not!

Sunday night was a good good night for two K’s came together. While some may think that it would be a collision course, truth is Karan really appreciates this simple Hindi-speaking guy even though he admitted that Kapil is more popular now in the entertainment circuit.

After watching this episode, I honestly felt it was a night when the two K’s came together and rekindled K2H2 of a different kind -Karan & Kapil along with double doses of humour!

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