Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh in central India is known for its steel industries and coal factories. The city boasts of more than 200 steel mills and six steel plants. Explore the city of Raipur for its many temples and lakes. Enjoy the many festivals and events held in the city to get a glimpse of the culture and history of Raipur.

The history the city holds is vast. It is very interesting to read about it. The fort there is a marvel that must be visited that has existed since the Mauryan Empire. The climate here is moderate throughout the year, making it the perfect place to travel to. Make sure to visit the architectural marvels in the city. Use Redbus offer codes to save on your trip.

Why Go There: Rich Culture & Heritage| Natural beauty
Ideal For: Friends and Family
Things to Bring Back:  Bell metal and wrought iron items, stone figurines, terracotta products and more

Let’s explore the many places to visit in Raipur

12. Nandan Van Garden and Zoo

This beautiful garden is located on the banks of the Khaaroon river. It also houses a small zoo having animals such as lions, tigers, deer, panthers etc.

Distance from the City: 14 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Friends & Family
Best time to visit: October – March

11. Rajim

Visit the town of Rajim located on the banks of Mahanadi river. The town assumes significance as it serves as a meeting point of 3 holy rivers namely Mahanadi, Pairy and Sondhu. Temples such as Rajivalochana temple dedicaed to lord Vishnu and other temples dedicated to Vishnu’s incarnations such as Vamana (boar), Narasimha (Man-cum-Lion), Badrinath etc can be found. At a distance, the Kuleshvara Mahadeva Temple located on an island can be found.

Distance from the City: 56 km
Time required: 3-4 hours
Ideal for:  Religious people | Nature Lovers
Best time to visit: October – March

10. Mahamaya Temple

The old fort city area houses this temple. The 11th century Kalchuri era temple lies on the banks of the river Khaaroon. The temple is dedicated to Devi Durga.The temple is managed by ‘Sidh Shakti Peeth Shri Mahamaya Devi Mandir Trust’. The festivals of Navratri and Durga Puja are celebrated with great fervour at the temple.

Distance from the City: 142 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Religious people
Best time to visit: October – March

9. Champaran

The village of Champaran is famous for being the birthplace of Saint Vallabhacharya, the founder of the Vallabh sect. Temples such as Champakeshwara Mahadeva and temple of Saint Vallabhacharya are located in the village. The village is thronged every year to celebrate the birth anniversary of Saint Vallabhacharya which falls on the 11th day of Baisakh.

Distance from the City: 60 km
Time required: 2-3 hours
Ideal for:  Religious people
Best time to visit: April- May

8. Barnawapara Sanctuary

This sanctuary is located in the northern part of Mahasamund District of Chhattisgarh. The sanctuary was established in 1976 and is spread over an area of 245 sq km. The topography is marked with flat and hilly terrain. Many species of fauna and avian populations inhabit the sanctuary. Animals such as  tigers, antelopes, porcupine, chinkara, black bucks, bison and many such species are found in the sanctuary. Bird species such as herons, bulbul, egrets and many rare avifaunas can also be found.

Distance from the City: 85 km
Time required: 3-4 hours
Ideal for:  Biodiversity Lovers
Best time to visit: October – March

7. Banjari Mata Mandir

Shree Harish Joshi is believed to have built the Banjari Mata Mandir. There is a widespread belief that Shree Harish Joshi discovered a stone resembling Banjari Mata and he began worshipping it. The idol became popular which led to the construction of the temple. The temple adorns a large statue of Lord Hanuman. Also, a very old tortoise lives in the temple premises.

Distance from the City: 8 km
Time required: 1 hour
Ideal for:  Religious people
Best time to visit: October – March

6. Vivekanand Sarovar (Budha Talab)

Located in the purani basti, Budha talab is the biggest lake in Raipur. An island is located in the middle of the lake that is covered with trees and gardens. A musical fountain is a major attraction of the lake.

Distance from the City: 3 km
Time required: 1 hour
Ideal for:  Nature Lovers
Best time to visit: October – March

5. Bhilai Steel Plant

A big producer of steel plates and other structural components, Bhilai steel plant is a major attraction of the place. It boasts of being India’s only producer of steel rails. The plant is quite well maintained with all the safety and precautionary measures in place.

Distance from the City: 120 km
Time required: 3-4 hours
Ideal for:  Friends & Family
Best time to visit: October – March

4. Nagar Ghadi

The Raipur Development Authority made the Nagar Ghadi in 1995. The clock sings tunes of Chhattisgarhi folk music each hour just prior to the hourly bell ring.

Distance from the City: 0 km
Time required: 0.5 hours
Ideal for:  Friends & Family
Best time to visit: October – March

3. Marine Drive /Telibandha Lake

Take an evening stroll by Raipur’s marine drive or use it as a running track during the morning hours. Marine drive also serves as a picnic spot for many people who come and relax by the Telibandha lake. The marine drive somewhat resembles the marine drive of Mumbai albeit with a smaller coastline.

Distance from the City: 0 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Friends & Family
Best time to visit: October – March

2. MM Fun City

Have fun with varied water rides at the MM Fun City. You can enjoy the tsunami swimming pool, rain showers, water slider, rain dancing and many more water related sports at the venue.

Distance from the City: 30 km
Time required: 3-4 hours
Ideal for:  Friends & Family
Best time to visit: October – March

1. Jatmai Temple

Jatmai temple is located amidst scenic locales of small forests. The temple has granite carvings and adorned with many mini shikharas or towers and one big tower. The main entrance is decorated with murals displaying mythological characters. Jatmai’s stone figurine is placed in the sanctum. There is a beautiful waterfall that flows just adjacent to the temple making the place all the more beautiful.

Distance from the City: 85 km
Time required: 2-3 hours
Ideal for:  Religious people
Best time to visit: October – March

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Other Attractions in Raipur


  • ISKON, Sri Sri Radha Rasbihari Temple
  • Bhand Dewal Temple
  • Balaji Temple
  • Rajivalochana Temple


  • Hajra (water falls)
  • Budhapara Lake
  • Maharajabandh Lake

Other Places To Visit:

  • Narpura
  • Rajeev Smriti Van
  • Udanti Sanctuary
  • Shadani Darbar

Things To Do In Raipur

Take A Jeep Safari

Explore jeep safari to visit Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary. Explore the numerous animals around the sanctuary by taking an exciting and safe jeep safari

Get Adventurous With Trekking

Raipur’s terrain offers many trekking routes. Some of these routes are:

  • Jatmai Temple Road Trek
  • Raipur to Gupteshwar Trek
  • Gadiya Mountain Trek
  • Kila Dongri Trek

Explore Caving

Visit the Kutumsar cave which is Asia’s largest cave and get enthralled by the beautiful rock formations of the caves.

Tour the Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum

This museum was established by the Rajnandangaon Ruler, Raja Mahant Ghasidas. Get amazed by the astounding collection of artefacts such as sculptures, pottery, artwork in metal and stone.

Take an Evening Stroll at Gandhi Udyan

Visit the Gandhi Udyan which lies close to the Chief Minister’s residence. Take a walk or jog on the concretised and tiled park. You can also relax amidst the lush greenery and variedly coloured blossoms in the park.

Have Picnic at Ghatarani Waterfalls

Visit the Ghatarani waterfalls located close to the Jatmai Temple. Enjoy the dense vegetation and the cascade of the waterfall by taking a short trek through the forest.

Relax at Urja Park

Visit the theme based Urja park which is run entirely on solar energy. The park boasts of large green spaces, well maintained gardens, a lake as well as varied species of animals and plants. You can enjoy boating, musical fountain as well as tour the science centre at the park

Go Shopping

Raipur has many markets as well as shopping malls from where you can buy woodcrafts, terracotta pots, lamps, bowls etc. Also, Raipur is also famous for its handlooms. Some of the noteworthy shops and malls in the city are:

  • Woodkart Handicrafts
  • Shabari Chhattisgarh State Emporium
  • Bastaria
  • City Mall 36
  • Magento The Mall
  • Barlota Enterprises

Enjoy Delicious Food

Savour local delicacies as well as other food options by visiting some of the popular restaurants listed below:

  • Cinnamon Restaurant
  • Girnar Restaurant
  • The Shells
  • Nukkad The Teafe

How to Reach Raipur

Flight | Train | Bus

Nearest Airport:

Swami Vivekananda Airport (16 km)

Book Your Flights From: Air India | Expedia Flights | Thomas Cook

Nearest Railway Station:

Raipur Jn Railway Station

Nearest Bus Stops:

Raipur is well connected by road to cities such as Bhopal. Regular bus services of CSRTC as well as private travels ply between major cities of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

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Where to stay

Hyatt Raipur | Hotel Midtown | Sayaji Raipur

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Nearby Places to Visit

  • Durg ( 39 km)
  • Bilaspur (133 km)
  • Kanker (140 km)
  • Bhilai (32 km)
  • Amarkantak (200 km)

Hidden Gems

Visit the chambered Dandak caves. The caves are located on a hillock which can be reached by climbing about 500 steps. Located near Jagdalpur, the Dandek caves are truly a hidden gem of Raipur

CashKaro Recommendation

  • Raipur is replete with many water bodies predominantly waterfalls some of which are located at some distance from Raipur. If you have some spare time and ae willing to travel some distance, then do not miss out on the Chitrakoot waterfall and Ganga Munda Lake in Jagdalpur.
  • Also, wildlife enthusiasts can visit the Kanha National park, Bandhavgarh and Pench National Park,all located within 400 km distance from Raipur.

Fun Way To Travel

Raipur is well connected to all major cities of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. You can take a road trip from a city like Bhopal to reach Raipur. Travelling by own car can give you the added flexibility of taking halts at will.

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