Admit it, our modern lives are way more twisted and complicated than ever. We are constantly torn between the need to socialise and to be left alone in the meadow. It is tough to lead life in a world where Trump is elected as the 45th President of America and Pen Apple Pineapple blah is breaking records in terms of Youtube views.

We humans long for things which can make us happy and help us believe the sun will shine again. These 15 illustrations by cartoon artist Shenanigansen reflect the modern day chutzpa that life is.

 I remember everything but who cares *shrugs*

brain dysfunctional

I just want my share

facts are not facts anymore

When you finally find a way to get over it


Oh you, Internet!


Nope nope nope! Now or never, mate

problem is rigid

When you’re broken beyond a fix

Nothing can mend me

There are two types of people

types of people

Me: I feel so good. Life: LOL

why life why

Because Google owns EVERYTHING

Google owns everything

You’re not the only one

internet is crap sometimes

Anxiety is your worst enemy


I can do it. La la la la la la la!

Kill anxiety

Never trust them over your own instinct

Trust your instincts

Never judge a book by its cover

sadness and anger

Do not confuse emotion for logic

emotion over logic

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There is no such thing as czechoslovakianphotosynthicmississippi


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