90s Kids

90s kids! Get ready for some serious waves of nostalgia.

It doesn’t matter if you own a smartphone, a laptop, and a sports bike now. You could trade it all for a few minutes of living in the sweet nineties.

These were probably the last few years before technology took over and turned the world head over heels.

Here are 12 truly amazing things you will instantly relate to if you were born in the 90s.

1. The “No Show” Screen

When you turned on the TV and the rainbow screen popped up!

Color Screen

2. Rectangular School Bags

Remember these mini suitcases you used to carry to school? You could carry twice the load of a normal bag in one of these!

Rectangular School Bags

3. Laser Light

The coolest gadget you owned when you were in high school was the laser light toy. Remember those magical times when you took them to school to terrorize teachers and friends. *evil laughs*

Laser Light

4. The Compatibility Test

You needed no astrology to predict your future. You had “FLAMES” then! 😉


5. Pen Fight and Hand Cricket

You knew how to make the best use of snack breaks and lunch intervals. Sometimes, even boring lectures turned fun with these!

Hand Cricket

6. Sony Walkman

This was the mother of all technological advancement of your times. Remember the cool feeling you had when you carried it along with a pair of headphones. Sony Walkman was truly the iPod of the 90s.

Sony Walkman

7. TV Video Game

You had an awesome childhood if you ever owned one of these.

TV Video Game

And, played this!

Bike Race

8. Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network of the 90s was truly sensational. With toons like Swat Cats, Scooby-Doo, Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory your childhood was fantastic!

Cartoon Network

9. BPL

Guess everyone remembers this logo.


10. Comic Books

When Amar Chitra Katha was your favorite pastime book and Suppandi was your favorite character.

Favorite Pastime

11. Onida Devil

You could still remember it when the Onida Devil beckoned “Nothing but the Truth”.

Onida Devil

12. Doordarshan

The good old times when you would wait for Sundays to watch new episodes of Shaktimaan, Mowgli, and Mahabharat.


Wasn’t it so happy and sweet back then?

What are your favorite 90s memories? Share with us in the comments section below 😀

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