If you’ve watched even one episode of the larger than TV celebrity talk show, Koffee With Karan, you know what the buzz is about. Whether it’s Salman Khan’s virginity or Ranbir Kapoor’s playboy tendencies, gossip and revelations on the show have been aplenty. Amidst chaos, comedy, controversy and Karan, the show has now reached its fifth season. And it’s the best one yet!

From padded underwear to nudist behavior, here are some of the wittiest, most hilarious things we’ve heard this season.

Shahrukh & Alia Bhatt

srk-alia-21. When Shahrukh Was Open About His ‘Hookup’ With Karan
“You should release that picture of us kissing now. Just release our nudes.”

2. When Alia Was Blunt About Her Initial Boyfriends
“Beginning ones are mostly useless”

3. When Alia Wanted To Hookup With Katrina
“Katrina.. We have already bunnyhopped together and it totally works.”

4. When Shahrukh Was Impressed By Ranveer’s Padded Underwear

 Akshay &Twinkle


5. When Twinkle Opened Up About Her Unbuttoning Scandal
“Millions of people unbutton, unzip, take out their dangling bits, pee on the wall of the police station, but nobody arrests them, mine is the crime of the century.”

6. When Twinkle Shared The Names That Could Have Been
“My grandfather wanted my name to rhyme with my mother’s and aunt’s. So Dimple, Simple and I’m Twinkle. The other choices were Sparkle and Sprinkle. Imagine being called Sprinkle”

7. When Twinkle Knew Exactly What Women Need

Varun & Arjun

8. When Arjun Was Discussing His Sex Life As A Single Man
Karan: So, what do you do for sex?
Arjun: Have it!

9. When Varun Revealed His Nudist Past

 Ranveer & Ranbir


10. When Ranbir Was A-Okay With Ranveer and Deepika’s Relationship
“I really hope they see this through and make some awesome babies together. I hope I’m their babies’ favorite actor.”

11. When Ranbir Was Incredibly Insightful About Single Life
“Being single is boring. If you want space, you should join NASA.”

12. When Ranveer Shed Light On His Underwear

Parineeti & Aditya


13. When Parineeti Was Unabashedly Scared Of Katrina Kaif

 Salman Sohail & Arbaaz


14. When Salman Declared He Was STILL A Virgin


15. When The Khan Brothers Shared Underwear
“Yeah, yeah it’s fine because it was washed. Arbaaz’s underwear is lose and take that as a compliment.”

16. When Arbaaz Questioned Salman’s Fidelity In Relationships
Salman: I am not good in my relationships.
Arbaaz: Yes, at that time he is good to other people.

Catch Koffee With Karan on Sunday nights at 9 and don’t forget to comment with your favorite moments from the show.  

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